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Need an effective solution when a set of stairs keeps you from enjoying your whole home?

The Handicare FreeCurve curved stairlift can handle any twist, turn, winder or wedge steps you have in your home. With a continuous curve, single rail, built specifically for your stairs, you can be assured of a smooth, safe ride. Using the PhotoSurvey system, we take precise measurements of your stairs and show you a preview of how it will look in your home.

If you have straight stairs and only a landing or two, the best option may be the Handicare 1100 straight stair lift. 

Either solution comes with several seating choices and additional features to make your life easier.

Power Swivel Seat Option
Power Swivel Option

A simple, easy to use automated power swivel seat turns you in the correct direction away from the stairs when you're exiting the stairlift at the top or bottom.

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Slide Track Option
Slide Track for Handicare Stair Lift

Short on space where you need to install a stair lift? Consider the Slide Track option. The Slide Track for the Handicare 1100 straight stair lift moves with the seat in the direction of travel. The Slide Track allows for a shorter rail to be installed for the...

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Easy Hinge Folded Upright
Easy Hinge for Handicare 1100

The Easy Hinge makes doorways a breeze. If there's a doorway right in the spot where the best exit point is for your straight stairlift, one of the great solutions might be the Easy Hinge for the Handicare 1100 straight stair lift. The Easy Hinge for the Handicare...

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stair lift Handicare 2000 smart seat cocoa installed handicare
Handicare 2000 Stair Lift

The Handicare 2000 stair lift is great for unique situations. It can be configured with a capacity between 255 & 302lb. It fits the bill when other stairlifts might not be right for your situation.

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Handicare Freecurve Stair Lift
Handicare FreeCurve Stair Lift

A single rail curved stair lift custom configured for your home The handicare FreeCurve stair lift is a single rail system with no teeth, gears or pins. We custom build each rail using the PhotoSurvey system to ensure a perfect fit, no matter how many turns or...

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