Wheelchair Rental Calgary

Sometimes purchasing a wheelchair is not practical for the amount of time you’ill need it. Maybe you are recovering from surgery or a mishap, or have family members visiting and it will assist them while they take in the sites. Whatever the need, a wheelchair rental in Calgary can solve an immediate problem and then be returned to our store when you’re done.

Two Types of Wheelchairs You Can Find at Our Wheelchair Rental in Calgary

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we’ll always help you make the best choice for your specific needs. Before opting for a wheelchair rental in Calgary, you need to learn about the two types of wheelchairs—manual and power wheelchairs.

Power Wheelchairs –Power wheelchairs are self-propelled and are powered by batteries, the most common power wheelchair rental in Calgary uses a joystick when moving the chair. This type of wheelchair is preferred by individuals who have trouble using their arms to propel a standard wheelchair.

Manual Wheelchairs – This type of wheelchair is propelled by the user or pushed by a caregiver. They are a more affordable and a more easily transported solution available at any wheelchair rental in Calgary.

Benefits of a Wheelchair Rental in Calgary

Affordability: Renting a wheelchair can help you save a lot of money and headache. If you plan to use the device for only a short period of time you can select a rental term to meet the need and then return it when you’re finished. No need to try to sell it or have it take up space in the garage.

Considerations When Selecting the Right Wheelchair for Rental in Calgary

Before renting your wheelchair from our wheelchair rental in Calgary, you should also make the following considerations:

When looking for a wheelchair rental in Calgary, take it out for a test drive. See if the wheelchair you selected is comfortable enough for you to use. We’ll help you select the best wheelchair for your needs and make sure it’s adjusted properly to provide maximum benefit and optimum comfort.

Think ahead to the types of activities you’ill need the chair to perform. If you need to transport it often in a car or van perhaps a manual foldable wheelchair is your best choice, but if you plan on plenty of sight-seeing outdoors, a power wheelchair will serve you very well.

Our wheelchair rental department in Calgary can provide a wide range of rental options at varied costs. You can rent daily, weekly, and monthly depending on your need and your budget.

Make Your Life Easier With a Wheelchair Rental in Calgary

Advantage Home Health Solutions’ primary goal is to provide the information, knowledge, and alternatives you need to make an informed decision to enhance your daily living. We’ll show you our selection and help you choose the wheelchair rental in Calgary that will provide you the most benefit. Contact us today!

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