What is a Stair Lift Used for? Stair Lift Benefits

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An accessible stair lift system is an effective solution when a set of stairs keeps you from enjoying your whole home. Even if you feel stable enough to climb the stairs, adding the need to carry groceries or laundry baskets, suddenly means you lose access to those handrails, and that can make stairs extra challenging.

How To Use A Stair Lift

Using a stair lift is easy… stand in front of the stair lift and sit on it like you would a normal chair. Many stair lift seats swivel making getting on and off easy, no matter what your situation requires. Once seated, swivel the stair lift seat so it faces across the stairway and lock it in place. Flip down the foot rest to support your feet and legs.

A stair lift system comes equipped with a seat belt, and it’s highly recommended to use it in case the stair lift stops abruptly or you momentarily lose your balance.

Your accessible stair lift may be equipped with flip up arms. If so, flip down the arms to provide safety and support during travel. The stair lift control switch is normally mounted at the end of one of the arms, so your stair lift won’t be easy to use unless the arms are down and in their proper position.

When the switch is pushed, the stair lift motor will move the chair along the stair lift track and up the stairway. The activation switch is usually a rocker switch so when one side of the switch is pushed the power stair lift moves up the stairs, and down when the other side of the switch is pressed.

Once you reach your destination at the opposite end of the stairway, unlock the seat and swivel it away from the stairway to prepare to dismount. Undo the seat belt, flip up the foot rest, and use the stair lift arms to help you stand up. Remember to flip the arms up after, to make it easier to get back in the stair lift chair when you’re ready to go back down.

Can You Fit a Stair Lift to Any Staircase?

Absolutely! Stair lift systems can be made to fit nearly any type of staircase so whether you need a straight stair lift, curved stair lifts, or even an outdoor electric stair lift, there are stair lift systems perfect for each job. Many stair lift features allow for a stair lift to be fitted to even challenging staircases situations.

We have the perfect stair lift for sale and also provide stair lift rentals for short term solutions. We have qualified stair lift technicians to safely install your stair lift and to service it when needed.

We also have ways to conquer stairs if you are a wheelchair user. A vertical platform lift can be easily installed to meet your needs.

We Are Your Stair Lift Store in Calgary!

Advantage Home Health Solutions always ensures you have the complete picture of our stair lift solutions so, no matter what your stair lift requirements are you can choose which stair lift is best for you.

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