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Why Scooters Are Great Solutions For Increasing Your Independence

Travel mobility scooters are personal mobility scooters designed mainly for use indoors, but can be used outside on smooth, hard surfaces. Mid-size electric mobility scooters are designed for use inside and outside. Outdoor mobility scooters are excellent for use outside, even over rough terrain. But what makes scooters such great solutions for increasing your independence?

Keeping Your Wheelchair In Tip-Top Shape All Summer Long

Do you use a wheelchair as your mobility solution? If so, it’s wise to ensure that your device is kept in tip-top shape all throughout the hottest season of the year.
The season we’ve all been waiting for is officially here. The start of summer got underway this past Sunday. If you’re like most Canadians, you’re thrilled at the opportunity to enjoy warmth and sunshine for the next two to three months – if we’re lucky! While the Advantage Home Health Solutions team wishes you a wonderful summertime, we’d like to remind you that it’s important to take certain precautions.

What Are The Different Types Of Orthopedic Braces?

Orthopedic braces are used to immobilize joints. They help the joints to properly heal in effective positions. By using an orthopedic brace, you give your muscles, tendons and ligaments the necessary amount of blood flow. You also avoid movements that may aggravate or worsen your existing injuries. For many people, orthopedic braces assist with the recovery stages following surgeries. Of course, not every orthopedic brace can be used for the same purpose. Naturally, a person’s injury or area of physical discomfort will determine which type of brace is necessary. So what are the different types of orthopedic braces?

3 Steps To Keeping Shower Time Safe For Seniors

It’s important to make your bathroom area safe as safe as possible.
How often you do you take a shower? We’re willing to bet that it’s likely a daily activity. Especially with the warmer weather arriving with the start of summer this month, showering is something you might just be doing more often than normal. However, if you’re senior citizen, you might think shower time isn’t all that fun. The risk of slipping and falling may be too great for you to consider taking a shower every day.