Somewhere in the neighbourhood of five million Canadians suffer from arthritis. While it’s a common condition, arthritis is certainly no fun. Sufferers generally contend with aching joints in various places throughout the body. People with this debilitating disease are often prevented from working and participating in fun activities. Using an orthopedic brace, however, can often help an arthritis sufferer to better manage his or her pain.

Orthopedic braces provide excellent support.

Arthritic joints cannot be used as freely as their owners would like. The swelling and pain in one’s hand, for example, can actually make it difficult to hold a pen. Swelling in the knees can make it difficult to walk. Orthopedic braces help arthritis sufferers to get the support they need to rebuild strength in their affected joints. By providing ample support to the ligaments attached to joints, orthopedic braces make such actions as writing and walking much easier.

Orthopedic braces help to reduce pressure.

Individuals with arthritis feel a lot pressure on their joints. People with arthritis in their knees, for example, will often keep off of their feet. However, with an orthopedic knee brace, like the one shown in the photo above, a person can decrease the amount of weight that is being transmitted through that area. A reduction in pressure is a great way to reduce pain as it limits swelling and irritation.

Orthopedic braces offer warmth and compression.

Warmth and compression are key ingredients in the battle against arthritis symptoms. Together, they help to reduce pain and swelling. An orthopedic brace not only helps to warm the affected joint, but it offers compression to limit the blood flow in the area. As a result, swelling becomes less likely to persist and thus, pain is reduced. In addition, warming an arthritic joint enables it to relax. This protects it from unneeded stress and overexertion.

Orthopedic braces improve physical function.

People who suffer from arthritis, but wish to lead active lifestyles often consider orthopedic braces must-haves. Without them, sufferers are sometimes relegated to staying at home on the couch or in bed instead of engaging in outdoor exercise. Many people who deal with arthritic pain are still able to go for jogs and walks without enduring further suffering. That is, of course, if they wear their orthopedic braces while engaging in such physical activities.

In addition to reducing pain and allowing for people to be active, orthopedic braces help to improve physical function overall. By using them, arthritis suffers can slow down the progression of their condition and even prevent its symptoms completely.

Are you using an orthopedic brace to manage your arthritis pain?

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