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Straight stairlifts are the simplest form of residential stairlift and are the least expensive solution. They are the most popular type of stairlift and are best suited for staircases that have no turns, or bends. Staircases with intermediate flat landings work well for straight stairlifts – assuming you are able to transfer from one stairlift to another and feel that you will continue to be able to do that in the future. Straight stairlifts can easily, and quite quickly, be installed on either side of the staircase and the track is cut to a custom length based on the number of steps on your staircase.

Though the basic application is simple, there are a number of options that can be added to straight stairlifts to improve safety and give you a deluxe experience. Many straight stairlifts feature the ability to swivel your seat once you reach the top of the stairs. This means you exit your stairlift walking away from the stairs, decreasing the risk of falling. If you have doorways at the top or bottom of the stairs, there are options available that allow you to lift up the end of the track so the door can be closed easily. There is even a track that slides if there are tripping hazards at either the top or bottom of the staircase… or on both ends. Straight stairlifts, like all stairlifts can have seats and footrests that fold up to minimize depth when not in use. This handy feature gives others better access to the stairs when they don’t need to use a lift.

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