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Stair Lifts Calgary

Stair Lifts Calgary

Do both your grandmother and grandfather have difficulties in climbing stairs? Do their physical conditions restrict them from moving? If your answers to these questions are yes, you need stair lifts in Calgary for your staircases.

When mobility issues become a challenge, we believe you shouldn’t be hindered from continuing to enjoy life to the fullest. The right stair lifts in your Calgary home means you can access all levels, indoors and outside so you stay more independent and remain in your home longer.

Advantage Home Health Solutions provides high quality stair lifts for Calgary seniors and others with mobility needs. Our stair lifts have easy-to-use controls and features that enhance safety and peace of mind.

More About the Benefits of Stair Lifts for Calgary Homes

Having Advantage Home Health Solutions install a stair lift in your Calgary home provides many advantages, including:

Stair Lifts in Calgary Homes Help Prevent Injuries
Accidental falls are one of the most common reasons for injuries at home. Fortunately, accidents on your stairs can be virtually eliminated with the help of a stair lift. You don’t need to worry about exhausting yourself as you climb or slip while descending a flight of stairs and adjustable armrests and safety belts ensure you won’t fall off while the stair lift moves.

Stair Lifts in Calgary Promote Independence
A stair lift gives you freedom for safe and easy access to the different levels of your home once again. Stair lifts provide the opportunity to enjoy everyday activities like having a bath in an upstairs bathroom, continuing to use your bedroom on the second floor or the laundry in the basement.

Stair Lifts Can be Adapted for Use on a Variety of Staircases
Stair lifts are designed to fit on any type of staircase whether curved, straight, or even if it has multiple landings. The stair lift can be positioned on either side of the staircase and some feature the ability to park it out of the way to allow others to use the stairs easily.

Choose Advantage Home Health Solutions for Stair Lifts in Your Calgary Home
Our primary goal is to provide the information, knowledge, and alternatives you need to make an informed decision to enhance your daily living. We have a wide selection of mobility products and daily living aids designed to meet the specific needs of each of our customers. Contact us today to learn more about the different stair lifts in our Calgary store and enjoy freedom and independence in your home.