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Advantage Home Health Solutions empowers you with independence and the freedom of mobility. Quality accessibility and mobility equipment and daily living aids in Calgary allow you to continue your daily routines, often without assistance from others. That’s the mindset behind everything we do.

From stair safety, to accessing your home from outside or the bathroom, the family room, the bedroom, and even away from your home, Advantage Home Health Solutions has the product solution to make it happen. We provide a large range of accessibility and mobility equipment that works, including:

  • Lift chairs
  • Stair lifts
  • Wheelchairs
  • Medical scooters
  • Ramps
  • And a range of others

Explore our mobility equipment in Calgary to ensure you can smoothly and comfortably navigate and move around your home and outdoors; we’re here to help you choose the right accessibility equipment and give you the independence you desire through our advanced solutions.

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Stair Lifts

Envision being able to navigate your stairs without the fear of falling, pressure on your joints and experiencing a comfortable safe experience in the process. That’s what stair lifts can help with. Stair lifts are motorized chairs that travel along a rail mounted to the treads of your staircase. You’ll never need to walk up or down a cumbersome flight of stairs again.

Stair lifts are among our selection of accessibility equipment solutions to make comfortable access to all levels of your home easier. Contact us for a free, no-obligation, in-home assessment.


Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety products are specially designed to make your bathroom devices accessible; They provide a safe environment to help avoid dangerous slips and falls. Bathtubs, toilets, and showers can be troublesome. roll-in accessible showers, slide in tubs, safety poles, grab bars, tub transfer devices, elevated toilet seats, toilet frames and more provides safety, comfort and sense of security when using the bathroom.

We provide various types of bathroom safety equipment at Advantage Home Health Solutions, offering these solutions always with your safety in mind. Explore our bathroom safety equipment to make mobility easier for you.


Patient Lifts

We provide overhead/ceiling patient lift systems and portable patient lifts to help healthcare providers and caregivers assist with patient transfers in areas of your home including from beds, wheelchairs, bathroom devices and anywhere else that requires safe patient handling.

No matter what type of patient lift system you are looking for, you’ll find it at Advantage Home Health Solutions. We’ll ensure you get the right solution that matches your specific needs.


Walkers and Rollators

Walkers and rollators help to support those with reduced walking ability so they can enjoy mobility with increased safety and independence. A walker can be especially beneficial if you are recovering from an injury that you’ve experienced in both legs and need that extra support to navigate outdoor locations.

Our high-grade walkers and rollators are available to help you, and we have all the information you need to make your choice.



We provide a variety of manual wheelchairs and power electric wheelchair solutions for simple and complex situations. We also provide seating and positioning products, wheelchair lifts for home and even vehicle lifts for your wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Browse our selection of wheelchairs designed to simplify accessibility.


Personal Healthcare Products

Advantage Home Health Solutions also cares about your personal health concerns with Compression, Incontinence and Orthopedic products to improve your well-being. With this range of personal healthcare products you can minimize circulation issues, look after your physical health, reduce pressure and increase support on your joints, and more.

View our personal healthcare products or contact us to request more information about the range we provide our customers – we’ll be more than happy to assist you!



If you need to access your home, deck, or vehicle, wheelchair or scooter ramps may be the perfect solution if you use a wheelchair or scooter, or walker. Wheelchair ramps can include curb ramps, threshold ramps, and even semi-permanent modular wheelchair ramp systems to accommodate any height and space requirement.

Our selection of ramps is wide-ranging and suitable for various specific needs. Take a look at our ramps among our mobility equipment, Calgary, and choose from high-grade solutions.


Lift Chairs

Being supported in a power recliner, lift chair fitted to your needs means that when you wish to sit or stand, you have will feel safe. Having he lift chair with the right configuration is what is important! Power lift chairs assist you in getting up or sitting down in your chair by raising or lowering the entire chair with just the touch of a button, saving your back and knees from unnecessary discomfort.

Advantage Home Health Solutions proudly offers lift chairs with many features including independent seat and back controls, head rest support, lumbar control, “tilt”, zero gravity, and heat and vibration options.  Or some with just one up and down control for those with limited sight or cognition.  Our high-grade lift chairs with excellent warranties support your body and provide the comfort you need to relax (or relieve pain). Take a look at our full range of lift chairs to find a solution that matches your needs.


Accessible Bedrooms

Picture yourself getting the most comfortable night’s sleep and being able to safely and comfortably access your bed. The right equipment can make this happen. At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we provide a variety of accessible bedroom solutions designed to help you stay more comfortable and promote safety while in the bedroom.

From support pillows and adjustable beds to safety rails, you’ll find everything you need in our Accessible Bedrooms section.


Walking Canes, Crutches and Forearm Crutches

Walking canes help improve your balance and prevent unnecessary falls. Crutches decrease stress on joints and can compensate for lack of strength or help speed recovery while you heal from surgery. We carry specialty forearm crutches that cushion the shoulder joints – this is important because shoulder joints take most of the shock that otherwise would be absorbed by our hips. 

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, you’ll find all you need in terms of walking canes, crutches, and forearm crutches to aid and support your mobility.



Mobility Scooters

The feeling of independence can be easily achieved with our wide selection of mobility equipment in Calgary. Medical mobility scooters are a perfect solution for excursions to the park, getting groceries or visiting friends and family. Longer range, heavy duty, tight turning radius, folding and travel scooters are just a few of the scooters that make impossible journeys possible again.

We have a variety of four-wheel and three-wheel mobility scooter models available to meet your needs. Explore our mobility scooters to make mobility effortless.


Home Elevators

For ease of access to an upper floor, and greater freedom and enhanced mobility, we provide home elevators. Elevators can be installed in your home to get you from one floor to another and can have multiple exit and entry points for enhanced convenience and versatility.

Make mobility easier and take easy accessibility to the next level, contact us to learn more about our home elevator solutions.


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Why Choose Advantage Home Health Solutions for Mobility Equipment Aids?

Advantage Home Health Solutions has plenty to offer in both quality and mobility equipment benefits. What makes us different are the advantages listed below:

  • High-Grade Mobility Equipment Aids – We have your safety and independence in mind – every piece of accessibility equipment we provide is high-quality and reliable.
  • Receive a Free Quote – The quote you receive from us is available without a fee, and we’ll never ask you to make a commitment to purchase our equipment.
  • Extensive Range of Mobility Aids in Calgary – Our range of mobility aids in Calgary is extensive. Select from multiple options that match your needs.

Find Mobility Equipment Aids in Calgary at Advantage Home Health Solutions

Our Advantage Home Health Solutions team knows that easy mobility can make a world of difference to your standard of living. That’s why we’d be glad to provide more information on our mobility equipment aids in Calgary.

We have an extensive and diverse range of equipment. Browse our options to discover the solutions we provide. Contact us, we’ll happily assist you in deciding on the right equipment for your needs.  Our objective is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Mobility Aids Calgary and Accessibility Equipment | FAQs

How can you know which mobility aid or accessibility equipment to use?

The mobility aid you need will depend on your specific case. For instance, you might have one injured leg or foot. In that case, a walking cane or crutch may be perfect for your case until you recover. However, you might have weakness or an injury in both legs and feet. This may call for a walker or rollator.

When should I use a mobility aid?

One of the clear signs you may need a mobility aid is fatigue. Another is pain in the body or joints that hinder your mobility. You may need to think about mobility equipment in Calgary if these pains are preventing you from accessing locations outdoors – we can help inform and advise you if equipment will be beneficial for you.

What can accessibility equipment help with?

We advise that adaptive equipment can help with a range of daily tasks that may be hindered by limited access to locations in the home. It will improve your independence and help make sure you can move freely from zone to zone in your home, and even access upper levels in your home with ease.

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