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Straight Stairlift Options for Your Home

There are a multitude of options to choose from when selecting a straight stairlift. Here are a few solutions we like for different needs:

Handicare 1100 for Narrow Stairs

The Handicare 1100 Straight Stairlift has an ultra-streamlined design that takes up less space and making it a perfect stairlift for all staircase configurations. The Patented Multi-Drive System ensures your stair lift is performing at peak levels at all times. 

The 1100 Stair Lift features a Friction Drive System. No gear rack results in a quieter, smoother, more robust stair lift that’s easier to maintain. The 1100’s stylish design blends into any environment, and becomes a complement in your home.


Stair Lift Features 

  • Weight limit: 309 lbs
  • Slim profile of 12.6″ when folded
  • Continuous charging function
  • Fold-up seat, footrest, and armrests save space for other stair users
  • Safety sensors immediately stop the lift if anything is detected in its path
  • EasyGlide technology ensures a smooth ride up and down the stairs with a gentle gliding stop
  • Adjustable footrest ensures a perfect fit for each user
  • Manual or powered 80° swivel seat for safer transfer onto and off the lift
  • Upgradable options to powered swivel and footrest
  • Four brush heads constantly sweep away dust and hair from the rail
  • Key switch prevents unauthorized use
  • Vanilla beige leatherette finished seat for easy cleaning
  • Footrest features textured grips for greater traction
  • Manual emergency stop
  • Patented multi-drive provides constant power
  • Two remote controls included
  • DC plug-in power
  • Battery backup in the event of a power outage 

Handicare 1100 Straight Stair Lift Features

The Handicare 1100 is our “workhorse” stair lift. It is very functional and easy to use. Our customers love them because they’re easy to operate, easy for us to install, and require very little maintenance. And if we are stumped with a technical issue, we can rely on the excellent technical support from Handicare – days, nights, or weekends.

Easy Toggle Switch

The nice sized toggle switch can be pushed with a finger, palm, or wrist – whichever is easiest.

Safety Sensors

Is something on the steps?… under the stair lift?… on the travel rail?… or is the seat not in the travel position? The Handicare 950 Stair Lift has many safety features that cause it to stop if there is a potential problem.

Folds to Compact Size

The stair lift folds up to a compact size so others can use the stairs. It can also be sent to the top or bottom of the stairs with either of the two handheld remotes.

Zero Intrusion Configuration

Do you have a door at the top of the stairs that you want to keep closed? Or a possible tripping hazard at the top of the stairs? The Handicare 950 Stair Lift can be installed with a Zero Intrusion configuration.

Slide Track

Under special situations where there are tripping hazards at the top and the bottom, we recommend the sliding track.

Flip Up Rail

If it’s not possible to solve a tripping hazard with a zero intrusion or slide track, a flip up rail could be a solution.

Step Down Landing Installation

Here’s an example of an installation for a customer that had a step down to a landing. We eliminated the stepped down landing (look carefully for the new floor seams) and lifted the staircase one step to add a new step at the bottom.

Heavy-Duty Capacity Stairlifts

Advantage Home Health Solutions has two popular options for an extra heavy duty stair lift. 

Handicare 1000 XXL Heavy Duty Stair Lift

The Handicare 1000 XXL has a lifting capacity of 440lbs (200kg) and comes fully equipped with a power seat swivel to assist in dismounting at the top of the staircase. The “smart seat” has an extra long depth of 16 ¾” and inside with from 21 ½” to 25”. It has six seat colours to choose from so it will match your home’s decor.

Harmar SL600HD Heavy Duty Stair Lift

The Harmar SL600HD has an extraordinary lifting capacity of 600lbs (272kg) with a seat that swivels 85° at the upper landing for easy dismount or transfer. The seat slides out from the wall as it pivots at top landing.

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