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Straight Stairlift Options

You might not think so, but there are a multitude of options to choose from when selecting a straight stairlift. Scroll through to see:




Handicare 950

The Handicare 950 is our “workhorse” stairlift. It is very functional and easy to use. Have a look at the nice size toggle that can be pushed with a finger, a palm, or a wrist – whatever is the easiest for the user. 

Handicare 950 Safety Sensors

Is something in the way? On a step, something under the stairlift, on the travel rail, the seat is not in the travel position……. You get the idea, your stairlift has many safety features that will cause it to stop if there is a potential problem.

Folds up to compact size

It folds up to a compact size and can be sent to the opposite location with either of the two handheld remotes.

Zero Intrusion Configuration

Do you have a door at the top of the stairs that you want to keep closed? Or a possible tripping hazard at the top of the stairs? The Handicare 950 can be installed with a Zero Intrusion configuration.

Step Down Landing Installation

Here’s an example of an installation for a customer that had a step down to a landing. We eliminated the stepped down landing (look carefully for the new floor seams) and we lifted the staircase one step and added a new step at the bottom. (This is easier said than was done).

We've Installed Over a Hundred

Our customers love them because they’re easy to operate, easy for us to install, and require very little maintenance. But if we are stumped with a technical issue, we can rely on the excellent technical support from Handicare – days, nights, or weekends.

By the way, if you move to a new location, we’ll move your stairlift. 

(Some companies only want to sell new stairlifts and suggest you scrap your current stairlift and buy a new one!)


Heavy-Duty Capacity Stairlifts

Advantage Home Health Solutions has two options for extra heavy-duty capacity straight stairlifts.
The Handicare 1000 XXL has a lifting capacity of 440lbs (200kg) and comes fully equipped with a power seat swivel to assist in dismounting at the top of the staircase. The “smart seat” has an extra long depth of 16 ¾” and inside with of from 21 ½” to 25” and has six seat colours to chose from.

Heavy-Duty Capacity Stairlifts-Harmar SL600HD

The Harmar SL600HD has an extraordinary lifting capacity of 600lbs (272kg) with a seat that swivels 85° at the upper landing for easy dismount or transfer. The seat slides out from the wall as it pivots at top landing.
We likely have a way to get you or your loved one into their room upstairs. We pride ourselves in providing the information our client’s need to make an informed decision.

Incline Stairlift

The Harmar IL500 incline stairlift is ideal for residential use providing manual wheelchair users the opportunity to move from one floor to another. It only takes 13” of space when it’s folded up. There is an integrated seat option for use as a stairlift for non-wheelchair users. It has a capacity of 500lbs and, like all other residential stairlifts, is mounted to the treads of the staircase. Other manufacturers attach to the wall and require special structural modifications. This is not the case for the IL500.

Incline Stairlift Considerations

Key considerations for an incline stairlift is there needs to be enough space at the base of the staircase to accommodate the 36” platform length and wide enough for the platform.
This is but one of the options for getting a person in a wheelchair to visit the second floor! We pride ourselves in providing the information our client’s need to make an informed decision.

Tricky Configurations

In most cases, a staircase with wedge steps requires a curved stairlift. Here’s an example of a unique configuration that met this family’s objectives.

This “tricky configuration” meant installing a less expensive straight stairlift. To get up the complete flight of stairs with a curved stairlift would have cost them an additional $8,000 to $9,000.

Tricky Configurations - Closer to the top

Getting closer to the top by just one or two steps can make all the difference. In this situation, the most practical solution was to get close to the upper floor. This husband and wife couple were each capable of safely walking up two steps but not 13!

Tricky Configurations - Safe entry and exit

Just getting to the 9th tread (where the stair rail would typically end) wasn’t going to work because there wasn’t enough room – so this wasn’t a safe place to get on or to exit. But by extending the rail by one more step provided them with the option of getting onto the largest of the wedge steps. Just two steps to go to the main floor – Perfect!

Solutions to Tripping Hazards

Watching for solutions to tripping hazards – Simple answers, Zero Intrusion, Flip-up bottom rail, Sliding rail.

Protruding Rails

Tripping hazards are especially concerning for people who have compromised mobility issues – a nasty fall can result in a loss of independence. In our quest to allow our clients to make an informed decision, we know that safety is foremost but also, the most expensive option is not always the best!
For example – a rail that protrudes into a walking area will cause a tripping hazards at the bottom of the stairs, this can often be eliminated by simply moving a large object next to the protruding rail such as a planter, a couch or a larger piece of furniture. However, the simplest solution is to send the stairlift back down to the bottom – now there’s an obstacle rather than a tripping hazard!

Flip-up Rails

Flip-up rails can cause more grief than it’s worth. If the flip-up portion of the rail won’t sit down properly because something is under where the rail is meant to flip down, then the user is stuck 4-5 steps up from the lower exit point. Wow – this is really dangerous!

We avoid installing flip-up rails by always looking to find another solution. Having said that – sometimes it is necessary – as in these images with a door where the rail is in the way and possibly not even solved with a sliding rail option.

Handicare Sliding Rail

However, if there are tripping hazards at both the top AND the bottom of the staircase, then the Handicare sliding rail is the answer. As the stairlift moves from the top or the bottom, the rail moves with it. Magic! When the stairlift (we call it the carriage) is at the top, the rail is completely out of the way at the bottom. Same goes for when the carriage is at the bottom, the rail moves out of the way from the top.

Pets - Another Tripping Hazard

Here’s another tripping hazard:
Mr. Hans – there are two possible solutions:
     1 – Call him over for a cuddle, if that doesn’t work (he is a cat after all)
     2 – Shake the treat package and even if he’s in a dead sleep, he will zoom over for a tasty morsel

Whatever the hazard, we think through the situation and listen to our clients. We pride ourselves in providing the information our client’s need to make an informed decision.

Our client's words

We have been extremely happy with your customer service. After dealing with your staff we appreciate your honest advice and your willingness to accommodate us when at all possible. We look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Hugh B

I experienced service at its best from this awesome team. Their service did not begin and end with the sale. They provide support / knowledge and the right service to meet your specifically tailored needs. They are the go to team!


You have always been so great to our clients. I wish you and your team great success. Thanks again for all that you and your team do for our clients.

Occupational Therapist

We contacted Silver Cross (now Advantage Home Health Solutions) for information pertaining to Stair Lists. We were contacted the very next morning and an in home visit was scheduled for later that day. Upon the visit and confirmation that we would be able to install a stair lift, we received a quote the next morning and installation was completed 2 days later.
We cannot express enough how courteous and expedient the services were. The service was provided with extensive knowledge, professionalism and friendly mannerisms. We would highly recommend the company to all our family and friends.

Thanks so much for making my dad’s life so much easier and fear free of stairs now.


Silver Cross (now Advantage Home Health Solutions) was one of the providers I considered for the installation of a porch lift. Phil’s personal interest, attention to detail, competitive pricing and excellent service was so impressive compared to the others, that it was an easy decision to his company. I had complete confidence in him and he fulfilled the order on time and as promised.

I have continued to use his business for subsequent needs and the service continues to be excellent. It is always a pleasure to do business with Phil and his staff.

Yours truly,



I dealt with Silver Cross in Ontario about 10 years ago so when I found myself in need of a Stairlift in my home in Calgary, I contacted them based on the great customer experience I had previously. I certainly wasn’t disappointed and experienced the same, if not better, service than I had before. I appreciate the independent advice that they are able to provide and I really felt that my best interests and my satisfaction were the primary consideration. Thanks again for the superior customer service.



If it were not for Joan and her old fashioned wherewithall, utter kindness, knowledge of the Alberta Health system and billing procedures, and all around super attitude, I’d still be housebound. Thank you are the only two words I have, but believe me, they deserve a whole lot more, truly a wonderful, caring and old fashioned service company. I highly recommend them to anyone.



Thank you so much for all your support and assistance towards my mother, Alice. I called her late afternoon yesterday and asked her, if she received any speeding tickets. We followed her when she went for lunch and we had to tell her to slow down.
Believe she is very happy and having fun with the scooter. Halleluiah!!!
Have a good day!



By the way, Sean is a great guy and is doing a terrific job installing the equipment. He really enjoys his job.



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