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Easy Hinge for Handicare 1100

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The Easy Hinge makes doorways a breeze.

If there’s a doorway right in the spot where the best exit point is for your straight stairlift, one of the great solutions might be the Easy Hinge for the Handicare 1100 straight stair lift. The Easy Hinge for the Handicare 1100 has a very specific application.

This feature makes the rail fold up and out of the way of the door. It’s very useful if the best available option for getting off your stair chair is right in front of a doorway. It ensures the bottom portion of the rail is lifted up and out of the way of any passageways when the stair lift is not in use.

By using a gas strut mechanism, it makes it incredibly easy to use when manually raising or lowering the portion of the rail. The Easy Hinge also enables the seat to get low enough to easily sit on by lowering the rail beyond the lowest step of the stairs. This is a wonderful option for users with vertical movement or height challenges.

  • manually raise and lower the rail easily with the gas strut enabled hinge
  • lower the seat of the stair lift to a comfortable height to sit down
  • raise the rail out of the way of a doorway when stair lift isn’t being used

Other unique Handicare solutions include:

Zero Intrusion – if you have doorways at the top or bottom of the stairs, this may be an effective solution to prevent tripping hazards.

Power Swivel – turn on a switch; great solution for those with manual dexterity challenges.

Power Footrest – automate the footrest movement to make it easier to get in and out of the stair lift chair.

Slide Track – this add on helps move the track with the seat so the rail can be shorter. An alternative solution to preventing tripping hazards.


easy hinge folded side
Easy Hinge extended
Easy Hinge In Front of door
Easy Hinge Folded Upright

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