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Zero Intrusion Kit

A Zero Intrusion kit for Handicare 1100 stairlift enables safe & easy use in front of a doorway.
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Zero Intrusion Kit for Use with the Handicare 1100 Straight Stair Lift

This kit contains a seat pole and metal plate assembly for use to help extend the ending positioning of the Handicare 1100 chair at the top of the stairs.

Sometimes installing a stairlift means installing the rail near doorways. This has to potential to cause a tripping hazard in the home as well as an awkward place to get out of the stair lift chair. If the finishing position of the ride is at the top near a doorway, it can leave little room to get out of the seat on the stairlift.  The Zero intrusion kit helps minimize or eliminate those unsafe situations by adapting where the stairlift chair position ends.

The Zero Intrusion plate extends the final position of the seat at the top so that it’s higher than the end of the rail. This makes the footrest flush with the top step. Using the Zero Intrusion Kit along with the built in, manual swivel seat feature, users can get out of the chair in front of the doorway easily and safely.

  • Eliminates the rail overrun at the top of the stairs – no tripping hazards
  • Enables installation of stairlift with no modifications of your home – saves money
  • Perfect solution for basement stairs and underground garages – safe alternative


In addition to the Zero Intrusion feature, other add on’s which will make the Handicare 1100 stair lift even more convenient are:

Power Swivel – This feature is helpful when manual dexterity is a challenge.

Power Footrest – This add on feature will save bending over to fold the footrest out of the way when it’s not in use.

handicare zero intrusion folded stairs

Handicare Zero Intrusion folded at the top of the stairs.

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The Zero Intrusion plate on the steps allows us to adjust the placement.

handicare zero intrusion bottom stairs garage

Handicare Zero Intrusion installed in a garage, shown at the bottom of the stairs.

handicare zero intrusion stairs

Handicare Zero Intrusion: top of stairs unfolded

handicare zero intrusion stairs

Handicare Zero Intrusion: within millimetres, we can adjust the placement.


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