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Slide Track for Handicare Stair Lift

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Short on space where you need to install a stair lift? Consider the Slide Track option.

The Slide Track for the Handicare 1100 straight stair lift moves with the seat in the direction of travel. The Slide Track allows for a shorter rail to be installed for the stairlift, and automatically moves up and down, in tandem with the seat to add length on one end or the other where it’s needed.

You can have a shorter rail installed on your stairs and still get all the way to the top or bottom of the stairs. The shortened rail ensures that the stair chair seat is never in the way at the top or the bottom of the stairs. Take a look at the video to see this interesting feature in action.

  • safety sensors at both ends to stop when encountering obstacles
  • shorter than the length of your staircase
  • rides with the seat to top & bottom


Slide Track for Handicare
Slide Track for Handicare
Slide Track for Handicare
Slide Track for Handicare

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