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Handicare 1000XL & XXL Straight Stair Lift

The Handicare 1000XL & XXL-An Excellent Heavy Duty Straight Stair Lift for Any Home. The XL & XXL models can be configured for heavy duty use with capacity up to 440lbs.
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Excellent Heavy Duty Straight Stair Lift for Any Home

The Handicare 1000 XXL heavy duty straight stair lift has some extra benefits over the standard 1000 model. Here are some of the standard features:

  • Fold up seat, armrests and footrest
  • Key operated switch
  • Emergency stop
  • Over speed governor
  • Wall-mounted hand held controls at the top and bottom of the stairs
  • The seat can be supplied with the operating toggle on the left or right armrest.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Both armrests, the seat and the footrest can be folded up independently of each other to provide optimum space on the stairs.
  • The offset seat swivel enables to user to get closer to the landing to get on and off the seat more safely. The seat must be returned to and locked in the travel position before use.

Added benefits of the 1000XXL:

Can accommodate users up to 200 kg (440lb). Powered swivel seat is standard on the 1000XXL model – this makes turning the stairlift seat to get in and out on the landing as easy as possible.

You can have a one way powered swivel that only swivels at the top of the stairs or you can have a two way powered swivel that swivels at the top and the bottom of the stairs.

The Handicare 1000XXL runs on two 12 V batteries. These dry batteries have no risk of leaking and are maintenance free. The batteries are charged when the lift is parked on the charge points located at the top and bottom end of the track. The batteries provide back up in the event of a power failure and will support 10 two way trips if the batteries are fully charged.

Check out the brochure : Handicare 1000XXL

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