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How Stair Lifts Are A Solution For Individuals Who Value Independence

Ideally, we would all love to age in place. This isn’t just conjecture. It’s the researched conclusion of the National Institute On Ageing (NIA). They report that their recent study, conducted alongside TELUS, found that 91 percent of Canadians wish to support themselves and live independently at home for as long as possible. 100 percent of the Canadians aged 65 and older who were surveyed conveyed that they planned for this type of independence.

The NIA acknowledges, of course, that as we age, certain activities of daily living may become more challenging. Getting around our communities, getting our groceries, making our own meals, maintaining our homes and remaining able to personally clean, dress and feed ourselves can all become difficult. This is what makes the need for mobility solutions that provide independence so vital. Enter stair lifts!

What is a stair lift and how does it promote independence?

A stair lift is a motorized chair that glides up and down a flight of stairs. It offers a home’s inhabitants the ability to independently access various levels of the home when it would otherwise be challenging. For both older adults and individuals with mobility issues, a stair lift helps for safe staircase ascension and descension without any help from family members. The stair lift is affixed to rail close to the wall that minimizes the amount of space taken from the stairs. This allows other home inhabitants to freely use the stairs without interruption.

Stair lifts are pretty easy to use. You simply sit in the seat, fasten your seatbelt and press the switch or toggle to move the stair lift either up or down the stairs. Your stair lift may even come with a swivel seat that turns the chair 90 degrees when at the top of the stairs. This allows a user to make very easy entries and exits to and from the stair lift.

Stair lifts also come with foot rests and armrests for support. They can be folded out of the way when the stair lift is idle. Stair lifts can be made to fit any staircase, whether they are straight or curved. There are also stair lifts for both indoor and outdoor use.

How do stair lifts help older adults to remain injury-free?

Falls cause seniors more injuries than anything else. As Age Safe Canada informs, every year approximately one-third of adults who are aged 65 or older fall in their homes. Half of those over the age of 80 fall annually. The falls result in injury, long-term disability and premature loss of independence. Age Safe Canada notes that falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults.

“More than half the injury-related hospitalizations in Canada are for seniors 65+ and the leading cause of injury in seniors is falls, accounting for more than 81% of hospitalizations,” reports their website, “It is estimated that 20-30% of seniors experience at least one fall each year…Of those that fall, close to 20% will die within a year of the fall meaning falls are the number reason for injury-related death for seniors in Canada.”

With a stair lift installed in the home, falls on the stairs are all but eliminated. Taking away the dangers of climbing up and down the stairs, a stair lift ensures that a person with mobility issues can safely access different levels of the home. With falling being so prevalent among seniors, a stair lift is practically vital for those who contend with mobility issues. The solution significantly minimizes the risk of falls.

What other benefits do stair lifts provide?

They help for older adults to conserve their energy. Needless to say, climbing a flight of stairs several times a day can be exhausting and draining. A stair lift allows seniors to exert far less energy, giving them the ability to remain more active and engaged in daily life. Consider those who have to fulfill such daily duties as carrying laundry upstairs. With a stair lift, people can literally take the weight off their shoulders by having their laundry baskets rest in their laps as they glide upstairs.

Stair lifts also enable older adults to maintain their social connections. In many cases, stairs can be barriers to social interactions. This is especially true in homes where the main living areas are on different floors. Installing a stair lift enables seniors and individuals with mobility issues to easily access all areas of their home. This facilitates social interactions with family and friends. No more missing out on the presence of visitors because climbing or descending the stairs is too hard on the knees.

A stair lift can also minimize the pains that come with certain ailments. “For those with limited mobility, electric stair lifts can help reduce the risks associated with navigating stairs and enable someone to stay in a multi-level home,” points out Molly Wigand on, “Whether a person has a disability, arthritis, dizziness, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or obesity – or facing temporary challenges such as joint replacement or recovery from an injury – a stair lift can benefit users, caregivers and family members alike.”

Why should older adults have stair lifts in their homes?

The National Institute On Ageing reveals that about one-quarter of Canadians aged 75 and over has at least one unmet need with respect to their activities of daily living. They believe that the number of older adults with unmet needs could be underestimated. This is because they may not know what supports are available or how to best access them. 

A stair lift provides an unmatched support system. It ensures that no one misses out on an in-home activity simply because of mobility issues. At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we always ensure that you have the complete picture of our stair lifts. No matter what your stair lift requirements are, you can choose the stair lift that is best for you!

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Stairlift | FAQ’s

What's the minimum width for a stair lift?

There are no specific width requirements to install a stairlift. All stairs in Canada are built to specific codes and standard widths, which we know will permit the installation of some type of stairlift. There are no renovations required; we install the stairlift in the space you have and based on your specific requirements. You do not have to remove handrails for a stairlift installation.

What's the average cost of a stair lift?

Many factors can influence the price of a stairlift such as number of stairs, curves, stopping points, nearby availability of power sources. We will always determine the most suitable, safe and cost effective solution for your specific needs.

Some of the price ranges for stairlifts can be found on our website. You may also qualify for funding

Do you carry anything similar to acorn chair lifts for stairs?

We carry both straight and curved stairlifts for various types of settings. What’s important to note is we have a PhotoSurvey system to assist us with exact measurements of your stairs. This system helps us in perfecting your stairlift installation and will ensure a safe, smooth and always complete ride up the stairs.

We are sure to have a model of stairlift suitable for your needs, safety and budgetary requirements.

Is it possible to install a stair lift myself?

If you have a bit of construction or technical, engineering type background, it’s possible. But there are a number of factors that would probably influence you NOT to do the installation yourself.

On the YES side:

If it’s a straight stairlift, it’s possible:

  • If there’s a supplier (manufacturer or dealer) willing to support you with installation questions.
  • If you have a bit of technical knowledge, good measurements and understanding of mathematical information to make the necessary calculations to get the right parts.

On the NO side:

  • It can be a bit complex or confusing. If you don’t have the correct tools for cutting or joining the rails.
  • If you run into an issue after installation (like a breakdown), it may not be covered by warranty.
  • If it involves a stairlift with turns or curves, it’s challenging to ensure the exact measurements that will ensure a perfectly smooth and safe ride.

We are sure to have a model of stairlift suitable for your needs, safety and budgetary requirements.

My stair lift is beeping. What could be wrong?

Here are some possibilities that could explain why your stair lift is beeping:

Power off, receptacle issues, tripped breaker, charger issues, dislodged from the charge strip, connection issue between charger and rail, not in locked position and therefore can’t use remote, seat not in lock position, obstruction, armrests not in down position, some safety issue that needs tending.

If your stair lift needs service, we’re happy to help. Just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help. If it’s not urgent, you can request more information or a service call here.

My stair lift will not move. What could be the problem?

There are several possibilities for a stairlift to not work:

  • key (incorrect position or missing)
  • armrests in the wrong position
  • if it’s not plugged in
  • if  batteries are drained from age or other reasons such as recent power outage.

If this didn’t solve the issue, you may need a service call. Reach out by phone and call 403-460-5438 or request more information about stair lift service here.

How is a stairlift installed?

When installing a stair lift, we’ll be sure to get as close to the wall or railing as possible. We’ll take measurements specific to your stairs and in the event of a curved stair lift, we’ll manufacture a unit specifically for your situation. We’ll mount the stair lift rail directly onto the stair treads.

A stairlift can typically be installed in one afternoon. We’ll always ensure the stair lift installation meets your needs for safety of the user as well as others in the home.

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