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Handicare 2000 Stair Lift

The Handicare 2000 stair lift is great for unique situations. It can be configured with a capacity between 255 & 302lb. It fits the bill when other stairlifts might not be right for your situation.
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Unique stair lift solution that can be configured for Heavy Duty 

The Handicare 2000 heavy duty stair lift has numerous standard features:

  • Fold up seat, armrests and footrest
  • Key operated switch
  • Emergency stop
  • Over speed governor
  • Wall-mounted hand held controls at the top and bottom of the stairs
  • The seat can be supplied with the operating toggle on the left or right armrest.
  • Both armrests, the seat and the footrest can be folded up independently of each other to provide optimum space on the stairs.

Added benefits of the Hanidcare 2000:

It is mounted on a dual rail system which have a tooth rack on both rails. The rail can be mounted on the inner or outer side of the rail of the stairs. It can be installed either left hand or right hand configuration when looking up from the bottom of the stiars. It’s capable of the tightest track bends in the industry, which means more room on the staircase for other users in the home.

It’s available in three seat styles which open up nearly infinite possibilities for custom solutions:

  • Smart Seat — 6 colour choices and 5 optional accessory functions, it’s the most versatile and great for users with hip or knee issues
  • Style Seat — 3 colour choices and 3 optional accessory functions
  • Simplicity Seat — one colour choice and 2 optional accessory functions to make your life easier

There are 3 standard rail colours: Gun Metal, Brown or Light Grey. The rail colour can be customized for an extra charge.

The Handicare 2000 runs on two 12 V batteries. These dry batteries have no risk of leaking and are maintenance free. The batteries are charged when the lift is parked on the charge points located at the top and bottom end of the track. The batteries provide back up in the event of a power failure and will support 10 two way trips if the batteries are fully charged.

Check out the brochure : Handicare 2000

The Handicare 2000 also has several available options to make your life easier:

Illuminated powered footrest – lighting for the footrest to make it easier to see in the dark when it’s folded down. Also eliminates the need to bend over to fold the footrest out of the way.

Child Seat – adapted seat for small riders up to 9 years of age

Powered swivel seat – swivel the seat towards the landing with the touch of a button

Power Hinge – completely lifts the end of the rail up and out of the way when installed near doorways or entryways

Outdoor Seat Cover — protect the seat from the elements with  the Handicare Stair Lift Seat Cover

And many more possiblities! Ask us for more information.

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Manual Hinged Track

If there is a doorway close to the bottom of the stairs that would be obstructed by a standard rail a manual hinge may be fitted. This means that the track can be folded away manually from the doorway giving clear access.

Powered Footrest

Automate the footrest movement to make it easier to get in and out of the stair lift chair.

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Automatic hinged track

Rails terminating in front of a door can be fitted with a foldable rail which automatically folds out of the way while the seat is ascending the stairs. The foldable rail is operated using the control on the seat or a wall-mounted pushbutton at a fixed position along the rail.

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