Drop Nose Rail for FreeCurve ding installed

Powered Swivel Seat for FreeCurve Stair Lift

The powered swivel seat option for the Handicare FreeCurve stair lift lets you turn the chair in the best direction with the push of the toggle control.
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Turn easily with the powered swivel seat option

The Powered Swivel Seat option is available on FreeCurve seating choices. Whether you choose Classic, Alliance or Elegance seat models, you can also add the powered swivel seat option to your stairlift.

When the chair reaches the destination at the top or bottom of the stairs, simply push the toggle in the direction you need to face and the seat will automatically swivel around and stop in the best direction to exit your stair lift.

It is unusual for a stair lift to swivel at the bottom. Most often, it’s set so users exit facing away from the wall. Sometimes users need something different and Handicare offers this special feature so the chair for the stairlift can swivel at the bottom as well.

This feature is also available for the Handicare 2000 stair lift.

alliance seat for stair lift with front swivel
elegance seat for freecurve stair lift swivel turned
alliance seat for freecurve stair lift front swivel full
elegance seat for stair lift with swivel upstairs

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