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Handicare FreeCurve Stair Lift

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A single rail curved stair lift custom configured for your home

The handicare FreeCurve stair lift is a single rail system with no teeth, gears or pins. We custom build each rail using the PhotoSurvey system to ensure a perfect fit, no matter how many turns or curves there are to get up the stairs. Whether you have winders or wedge steps, the FreeCurve can manoeuvre up and down every step you need. It’s a perfect solution with 3 different seat style choices and colour options to match your home decor and suit your style. The FreeCurve also offers other options for overcoming obstacles such as tripping hazards and doorways.

  • custom built to your stairway specifications using PhotoSurvey
  • single rail system with no pins or teeth – no grease, no oil, no mess & easy to maintain
  • warranties: FreeCurve- 2 years; Motor and gearbox- Limited Lifetime
  • several seating options based on required functionality and style including Classic Seat, Alliance Seat and Elegance Seat

When choosing a stair lift, we’ll visit your home for free and discuss options with you to help you make an informed decision. Based on your needs, we may suggest the Handicare FreeCurve stair lift. We can return and, using the PhotoSurvey system, we’ll take pictures of your stairs and show you how your stair lift will look and work with you to finalize the details and features you want.

See all the Handicare FreeCurve Stair Lift options in these brochures:

Handicare FreeCurve Brochure

Dimensions for FreeCurve Classic Seat

Dimensions for FreeCurve Alliance Seat

Dimensions for FreeCurve Elegance Seat

Dimensions for FreeCurve Active Seating Option

Sizing for FreeCurve Body Harness

Some of the optional features:

Seating Options for Curved Stairlifts:

Turn and Go -automatically turns the seat to face your back towards the stairs – good when your stairs feel narrow

Powered swivel seat – swivel the seat towards the landing with the touch of a button

Active Seat – automatic seat lifting and reclining support when getting on or off the chair for stairs

Child Seat – adapted seat for small riders up to 9 years of age

Footrest Options:

Illuminated powered footrest – lighting for the footrest to make it easier to see in the dark when it’s folded down

Illuminated Power footrest – eliminates the need for bending over to fold up the footrest

Rail Options:

Drop Nose – prevents rail track from being a tripping hazard at the base of the stairs – good for landings near doorways

Power Hinge – completely lifts the end of the rail up and out of the way when installed near doorways or entryways



FreeCurve Stair Lift Downstairs
FreeCurve Stair Lift Active Seat
FreeCurve Installation Bottom Turn
FreeCurve Stair Lift Swivel Seat Option
FreeCurve Stair Lift Single Rail
FreeCurve Installation top seat turn
FreeCurve Stair Lift With Active Seat
FreeCurve Stairlift Installation Landing
FreeCurve Installation Bottom Turn

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