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Classic Seat Option for FreeCurve

The classic seat option is a comfortable ergonomic design on the Handicare FreeCurve stair lift for seniors.
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The Classic Seat Option provides ergonomic comfort

When you choose the Classic Seat option for your Handicare FreeCurve stairlift, you’re choosing ergonomic comfort, designed by physiotherapists and occupational therapists. With a lovely leather-grain finish, you’ll find it easy to clean and have colour choices to suit your decor. Available colour choices are: Bordeaux Red, Anthracite and Beige.

The classic is the standard seat for the FreeCurve stair lift. It provides 17.3 inches of room between the armrests on the stair chair as well as a seat depth of 14.5 inches. You can find the Handicare Brochure that covers all the detailed seat dimensions right here.

You will also have the following added options available with the classic seat for the Handicare FreeCurve:


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stairlift with classic seat
ClassicSeat Red
ClassicSeat colour choices

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