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Elegance Seat Option for FreeCurve Stair Lift

The Elegance Seat option for the Handicare FreeCurve curved stair lift is extremely comfortable and includes many options to customize your stair lift.
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When you choose the Elegance Seat, you’re getting comfort and choices

Right in the name, this seat offers a bit of elegance in addition to refined comfort. The Elegance Seat has a super-soft upholstery that feels luxurious. It also has a protective layer for durability and make it easy to clean. And you’ll have 3 colour choices: Cocoa Brown, Bordeaux Red or Cream colours.

With the Elegance Seat, you’ll also have the ability to have our installer adjust the armrests outward to create a wider, more roomy feeling seat. The Handicare FreeCurve stair lift armrest width inside can be adapted with the Elegance Seat between 17.1 to 18.3 inches. This is in comparison to the Classic Seat model which has a fixed width of 17.3 inches with no adjustability.

In addition to its good looks and ultra comfort, you’ll also have the following choices available with the Elegance option:

  • Turn and Go Seating – when space is tight the seat can be easily swivelled to face a different exit direction.
  • Illuminated footrest – when folded down, lights up to make it easier to see in the dark.
  • Active Seat – an option to assist with standing.
  • Child Seat – adapts the stair lift for small riders up to 9 years old.
  • Body Harness – extra support and stability when riding the stair lift chair.
  • Powered Footrest – no need to bend down to fold the footrest.
  • Power Swivel Seat – automatic swivel towards the landing.

Handicare offers the best stair lifts for seniors which have a lot of choices and options. Let us help you decide which options might work best for your situation with a free, no-obligation visit to explore your needs. Call or contact us today to find out more.

Elegance Seat in Cream
Comfort of the Elegance Seat
Elegance Seat

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