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FreeCurve Active Seat Option for Curved Stair Lifts

The FreeCurve Active Seat option helps users to easily get out of the stair lift chair by slowly and gently lifting and raising, helping you into a standing position at the end of the rail.
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Get up & out of the chair more easily with the FreeCurve Active Seat

The Alliance seat choice on the Handicare FreeCurve Stair Lift also offers the option of having what’s known as an active seat. The FreeCurve Active Seat works with the touch of a control beside the seat and gently raises the seat to assist the user in standing to easily exit at the landing place. 

The active seat feature offers a little help in standing whenever a user needs it. It’s helpful for those who have balance issues or knee problems to give a little extra support and boost.

Caregivers will be able to more easily assist stairlift users to transfer when necessary. It’s like having an additional caregiver to assist with lift and pivot transfers. The FreeCurve Active Seat option is a gentle stand-assist control, automated with a simple handle beside the chair seat.



FreeCurve Stair Lift With Active Seat
Handicare Active seat
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