Drop Nose Rail for FreeCurve ding installed

Drop Nose Rail for FreeCurve Stair Lift

The drop nose rail option for the Handicare FreeCurve stair lift keeps the track from creating a hazard at the bottom of the stairs.
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Tripping hazard? Not with the drop nose rail for the FreeCurve Stairlift


When we combine your curved stair lift with a drop nose rail, we eliminate the possibility of a tripping hazard at the bottom of the stairs. If there’s a doorway, or even just an open space that family members are accustomed to walking through at the bottom of the stairs, the drop nose rail will lessen the amount of space used at the bottom of the stairs.


The drop nose rail is simply installed at the end of the curved railing and allows the stair lift chair to ride down, close to the floor, without adding a compound curve to the end of the rail. It minimizes the amount of intrusion into the landing space, especially in front of a doorway.


freecurve drop nose rail from handicare
drop nose rail in front of a doorway

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