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PhotoSurvey – how does it work?

PhotoSurvey uses Photogrammetry which gives us the ability to precisely measure your stairs. Taking several pictures with special markers from many positions lets us use 2D pictures and turn them into 3D images of your steps.
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The PhotoSurvey System is a unique tool that allows us to get VERY precise measurements of your stairs.

This allows a perfect, to the millimetre, accurate curved rail to be manufactured for your specific stairs. No matter how many curves, twists or turns, the PhotoSurvey system allows us to create an exact rail to ensure you have the smoothest, continuous ride up and down your stairs on your Handicare FreeCurve Stair Lift.

Once you’ve decided which curved stair lift options are right for your needs, our installers will take 3D images of your stairs. This will help provide an up-front look at what the stair lift will look like and how it will operate. This way, if necessary, you’ll be able to make adjustments and changes before you invest in your stair lift.

Regardless of whether you have wedge steps, winders or any type of twist or turn in your stairs, using the PhotoSurvey system helps us create your one of a kind curved rail for your stair lift.


photosurvey markers
AHHS PhotoSurvey Previewfront psd hr
AHHS photosurveyd design hr
AHHS PhotoSurveyPreviewSteps

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