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Is It Worth It To Buy A Recycled Stair Lift?

No matter what type of purchase you make, it’s always wise to get some assurances that the product you’re buying is of high quality. The last thing you want is to make a purchase – especially a big ticket item – only to find out that it underperforms based on your expectations. This is certainly true if the item requires instalment. The hassle of installing and then having to remove a faulty product is both time and money consuming…and quite annoying.

This is why, at Advantage Home Health Solutions, it is mandatory for us to ensure that each and every one of our mobility solutions comes in the form of a top-of-the-line product. We stand by each and every one of our products knowing that the safety of all of our clients is a top priority. It’s our mission to not only provide solutions for their mobility issues, but to ensure the safety of our clients in the process. And that includes our recycled products!

What recycled products are offered by Advantage Home Health Solutions?

Both recycled and brand new stair lifts are part of our long list of accessibility products. We have many years of experience with both new and used stair lifts and, as a result, know that one thing is for sure: age is seldom a factor when considering the quality of a stair lift. Determining its usability is based on its former frequency of use and the condition that it is in. As always, it’s important to make sure that it is in tip top working condition to guarantee the safety of the user.

What is the advantage of installing a previously used stair lift?

The most obvious advantage is that it will save you money. Naturally, we offer reduced prices on our previously used stair lifts. Many clients express concerns that the stair lifts they need are necessary for their loved ones’ safety and accessbility to various levels of the home. However, they may not be required for long periods of time. Making an investment in a product that may be used for a short-term basis can be difficult for some people. And this is understandable.

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we know from experience that many stair lifts get installed, eventually uninstalled and used again by other parties. As a result, it only makes sense to offer discounted prices, all the while assuring each client of the same safety and reliability the product offered the previous user.

What makes a used stair lift worthy of consideration?

Quite simply, we make sure that our used stair lifts are able to run just as smoothly as new ones. It’s also important to ensure that the rails they become attached to are in good condition, even if there are telltale signs of wear. It is also a strict policy of ours to never buy back or sell a stair lift unless we have full access to the manufacturer’s technical support and parts department. That way, we can quickly find solutions for required maintenance on our stair lifts, if necessary.

Advantage Home Health Solutions also provides additional warranties to clients who purchase used stair lifts. As important as it is for us to provide our clients with options that can save them money, we never compromise their safety. With that said, it is definitely worth it to buy a recycled stair lift!

If you have any questions about the stair lifts or other home accessibility options that Advantage Home Health Solutions has to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask them. Give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact Page!

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