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Why You Should Consider Installing A Stair Lift At Home

Do you have an aging parent who prefers to age in place? Nearly all seniors would much prefer to spend their time in familiar surroundings. Living at home in your later years is generally a wonderful experience. You’re in the company of family and the comforts of home. However, the experience can also be trying.

Is the home comprised of various staircases? If so, it can make life a bit difficult for the senior who lives there. With a stair lift installed, however, you can make going up and down the stairs a very safe and enjoyable experience. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should consider installing a stair lift at home.

It increases the safety of stair climbing.

A person with mobility issues is always taking a risk when ascending or descending the stairs. Naturally, no matter your physical abilities, a fall down the stairs should be avoided at all costs. Stair lifts are excellent solutions for improving safety in the home. Whether it’s a straight stair lift, curved rail stair lift, a stair lift for split level staircase applications or even an outdoor chair lift for stairs, there are stair lift systems that are perfect for each job.

“A stair lift is a safe and comfortable option that will safely get you from one place to the next swiftly and smoothly,” notes the U.K.’s thyssenkrupp Home Solutions, “Stair lifts are fitted with different safety features like safety belts and a comfortable chair that provide a safe ride. The railing of the stair lift is installed into the wall so there are no chances of you falling. With a stair lift, you have total peace of mind.”

It restores independence.

Let it not be lost on you that seniors contend with a lot more than just their physical limitations. The inability to do things independently is very stress-inducing. With a stair lift, an older adult gets to regain his/her independence. The easy-to-use mobility solution is one that helps seniors to safely glide up and down the stairs without any assistance from another person. Installing a stair lift in your home can work wonders for one’s emotional state.

“Our loved ones may face emotional struggles as they have to rely on others to help them around the house but adding a stair lift can help them regain a little bit of that lost independence,” affirms U.S.-based Next Day Access, “They’ll be able to move safely about their home and someone doesn’t have to always be there watching over their shoulder. Think about what that could mean for a loved one.”

It helps to alleviate pain.

Naturally, sitting in a stair lift requires a lot less physical exertion that climbing a flight of steps. By using a stair lift, an individual who suffers from arthritis and aching joints will significantly reduce discomfort. “Without a stair lift, you have no option but to stay on one floor longer than necessary to save yourself from the pain of having to deal with the staircase,” points out thyssenkrupp Home Solutions.

Advantage Home Health Solutions always ensures you have the complete picture to make an informed stair lift purchase. We’ll help you to choose the stair lift solution that is best for you. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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