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There are several programs that fund Home Accessibility Renovations. We’ll use our extensive information and knowledge to make sure you take advantage of all the benefits you are eligible to claim.


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Buy a new or recycled stairlift before February 28th, 2019 and receive a free walker of up to $490 from our store inventory.

Our client’s words


We have been extremely happy with your customer service. After dealing with your staff we appreciate your honest advice and your willingness to accommodate us when at all possible. We look forward to dealing with you in the future.


Hugh B.



I experienced service at its best from this awesome team. Their service did not begin and end with the sale. They provide support / knowledge and the right service to meet your specifically tailored needs. They are the go to team!

Catherine B.



You have always been so great to our clients. I wish you and your team great success. Thanks again for all that you and your team do for our clients.

Kristin K.

Occupational Therapist


We contacted Silver Cross (now Advantage Home Health Solutions) for information pertaining to Stair Lists. We were contacted the very next morning and an in home visit was scheduled for later that day. Upon the visit and confirmation that we would be able to install a stair lift, we received a quote the next morning and installation was completed 2 days later.
We cannot express enough how courteous and expedient the services were. The service was provided with extensive knowledge, professionalism and friendly mannerisms. We would highly recommend the company to all our family and friends.

Thanks so much for making my dad's life so much easier and fear free of stairs now.

Judy C.



Silver Cross (now Advantage Home Health Solutions) was one of the providers I considered for the installation of a porch lift. Phil's personal interest, attention to detail, competitive pricing and excellent service was so impressive compared to the others, that it was an easy decision to his company. I had complete confidence in him and he fulfilled the order on time and as promised.

I have continued to use his business for subsequent needs and the service continues to be excellent. It is always a pleasure to do business with Phil and his staff.

Yours truly,

Mary J.



I dealt with Silver Cross in Ontario about 10 years ago so when I found myself in need of a Stairlift in my home in Calgary, I contacted them based on the great customer experience I had previously. I certainly wasn't disappointed and experienced the same, if not better, service than I had before. I appreciate the independent advice that they are able to provide and I really felt that my best interests and my satisfaction were the primary consideration. Thanks again for the superior customer service.


Sheila P.



If it were not for Joan and her old fashioned wherewithall, utter kindness, knowledge of the Alberta Health system and billing procedures, and all around super attitude, I'd still be housebound. Thank you are the only two words I have, but believe me, they deserve a whole lot more, truly a wonderful, caring and old fashioned service company. I highly recommend them to anyone.


Laurie D.



Thank you so much for all your support and assistance towards my mother, Alice. I called her late afternoon yesterday and asked her, if she received any speeding tickets. We followed her when she went for lunch and we had to tell her to slow down.
Believe she is very happy and having fun with the scooter. Halleluiah!!!
Have a good day!




By the way, Sean is a great guy and is doing a terrific job installing the equipment. He really enjoys his job.




We always ensure you have the complete picture to make an informed decision. You'll know the possible options so you can choose which solution is best for you.

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Our Google Reviews

Crew just delivered my queen medical bed very professional and accomidating crew of men
Bryon Duby
Bryon Duby
This review is long overdue. My mother’s walker was damaged on her flight to Calgary and we needed to replace it. We called late n the day last year, on Thursday, June 30, the day before Canada Day and a holiday weekend. Phil came into the store early Saturday morning when the store was closed so that my mother would have a working walket and would be mobile. Excellent quality walket/Rollator, and service that I know I never expected or experienced before. Thank you! I can’t praise Phil and Advantage Home Health Solutions enough.
Alice Baum
Alice Baum
I needed a sling for a lift for my dad and Phil took the time to explain the various options available. The one that he helped me choose wasn't in stock and I needed it right away, but Phil spent a lot of time and effort on the phone and tracked one down for me. He and his staff are knowledgeable, professional and kind and I highly recommend them.
Allison Mitchell
Allison Mitchell
Advantage Home Health The recent acquisition of a new home also required engaging a company to help me design an accessible entry into the property. I initially called on a firm that claimed to be specialists in this area and their quote was extremely expensive with surprising gaps in accessibility basics. There after I began to search for a company that had experience with lifts and ramps since their practice was more focused on real, not theoretical, design principles. I was so fortunate to find Advanced Home Health. Phil and his team did a beautiful job of installing a sturdy lift in my garage and renovating the exterior access to the house and interior of the garage. Their design works beautifully and enables me to transition my husband very easily from the car to our home. It also looks wonderful! The workmanship demonstrated by the AHH team was first rate and everyone who came to my home was lovely and helpful. As an aside, shortly after our wonderful new entry was installed our movers accidentally bent the small ramp on the lift. Within days Phil was onsite and assured me the damage was not serious and put things back in order. So relieved to have this support. I cannot recommend them enough.
Joan Endersby
Joan Endersby
I purchased a folding mobility scooter from Advantage Home Heath and had the best experience. The customer service is outstanding. I had some trouble with my bank authorizating the large purchase and they were so understanding and patient despite having to stay long after closing to get the issue resolved. They also helped me figure out a creative way for me to load the scooter into my vehicle on my own even with my disability. They truly went above and beyond and I so appreciate the care I received. You have gained a lifetime customer. I highly recommend this company for all of your home care needs, they are caring, attentive and very educated on the products that they offer.
Catherine Rose-Hall
Catherine Rose-Hall
We can not say enough about how pleased we are with Advantage and their speedy service at a time of great need. Within two days of our initial contact with Fran and Phil the stair lift we required upon short notice was installed. The installers were very professional, courteous and considerate. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the whole advantage team.
Valerie Sloan
Valerie Sloan
We had a Simplicity chairlift supplied and installed. There was a intermitant problem with the chair that went beyond the warranty period. Advantage continued to respond and trouble shoot the issue at no cost until they found the root cause which was a defective battery. The truly support their customers and stand behind the products they sell.
Albert Riendeau
Albert Riendeau
I just bought 2 scooters here, all the staff where nice and polite, incredibly knowledgeable about their products. I left with a better product at an excellent price!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
trav l
trav l
Great service, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Better products at better price. Jena was amazing to help us get some equipment installed. Highly recommended
Billall Ali
Billall Ali

Stairlift | FAQ’s

What's the minimum width for a stair lift?

There are no specific width requirements to install a stairlift. All stairs in Canada are built to specific codes and standard widths, which we know will permit the installation of a stairlift. There are no renovations required; we install the stairlift in the staircase you have to meet your specific requirements. You do not have to remove handrails for a stairlift installation if it is important to keep the handrail.  However if the handrail could be moved to the opposite side of the staircase, the stairlift could be installed closer to the wall.

What's the average cost of a stair lift?

Many factors can influence the price of a stairlift such as number of stairs, curves, stopping points, nearby availability of power sources. We will always determine the most suitable, safe and cost effective solution for your specific needs.

Some of the price ranges for stairlifts can be found on our website. You may also qualify for funding

Do you carry anything similar to acorn chair lifts for stairs?

We represent the most advanced products in the marketplace with excellent warranties.

For example, our straight stairlifts use a friction drive – very unique! Our customers have found it worthwhile to ask us why.

For curved stairlfits, what’s important is our PhotoSurvey system to determine the exact measurements of your staircase. With this system, your stairlift will be a perfect fit and provides a safe, smooth and comfortable ride to where you want to go.

Have a look at both straight and curved stairlifts for various types of settings.  We are sure to have a model of stairlift suitable for your needs, safety and budgetary requirements.

Is it possible to install a stair lift myself?

If you have a construction, technical or engineering type background, it’s possible. But there are a number of factors you should consider. 

On the YES side:

If it’s a straight stairlift, it’s possible:

  • If there’s a supplier (manufacturer or dealer) willing to support you with installation questions
  • If you have technical knowledge, good measurements and understanding of mathematical information to make the necessary calculations to get the right parts. What that means…. the rail length needs to be exactly right!

On the NO side:

  • It can be complex or confusing
  • You need the correct tools for cutting and joining the rails
  • Most stairlfit manufacturers do not provide warranty for self installed stair lifts
  • If the stairlfit has a breakdown, it could be difficult to find technical support
  • If it involves a stairlift with turns or curves, it will be challenging to provide the exact measurements to ensure a perfectly smooth and safe ride  – if the manufacturer will even accept your order!

We are sure to have a model of stairlift suitable for your needs, safety and budgetary requirements.

My stair lift is beeping. What could be wrong?

Here are some possibilities that could explain why your stair lift is beeping:

Power off, receptacle issues, tripped breaker, charger issues, dislodged from the charge strip, connection issue between charger and rail, not in locked position and therefore can’t use remote, seat not in lock position, obstruction, armrests not in down position, some safety issue that needs tending.

If your stair lift needs service, we’re happy to help. Just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help. If it’s not urgent, you can request more information or a service call here.

My stair lift will not move. What could be the problem?

There are several possibilities for a stairlift to not work:

  • key is missing or in  the incorrect (off) position
  • armrests in the up position (they need to be in the down position when using the toggle on the armrest)
  • there’s an obstacle such as a cane or shoe in the way
  • if it hasn’t been plugged in, it will need to be charged – but the batteries might also need to be replaced if they’re completely drained (dead)
  • batteries are drained from age or other reasons such as recent power outage.

If these ideas didn’t solve the issue, you may need a service call. Reach out by phone and call 403-460-5438 or request more information about stair lift service here.

How is a stairlift installed?

Stairlifts are attached to the stair treads – not the wall!

When installing a stair lift, we get as close to the wall or railing as possible. We take measurements specific to your stairs or we use our PhotoSurvey system for curved stairlifts.  Our curved rail system is manufactured specifically for your staircase.

A stairlift can typically be installed in a half day. We’ll always ensure the stair lift installation meets your needs for safety of the user as well as others in the home.

Find Out More About Stair Lifts… 

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