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Stair Lifts Restore Access To All Areas Of Your Home

For many elderly Canadians, stair lifts provide answers to prayers. Do you live with a senior who is finding it difficult to access different parts of your home? By installing a stair lift, you can take away the worry that comes with climbing staircases on unsteady legs. Stair lifts are proven solutions for those who contend with mobility issues.

No matter the staircase, there is a stair lift that can suit it. Both straight and curved staircases have stair lift models that make ideal fits. Stair lifts can also be used indoors and outdoors, depending on your needs. You can even get a residential wheelchair stair lift to accommodate a wheelchair user.

What should you consider when choosing a stair lift?

It’s important to consider whether there are any tripping hazards on your staircase. The obvious piece of advice to follow is to clear your stairs of any debris. Clothing, bags, books – you name it – get them off the stairs. Naturally, this will enable your stair lift to move freely and safely. It will also ensure a much safer walk up and down the stairs for individuals who don’t use the stair lift you install.

As mentioned, the type of staircase you have matters. Is it straight or curved? Is there a landing or a bend in the staircase? Is there a doorway or a closet door located anywhere along the staircase? At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we make it a point to give all our clients the complete picture so they can make informed stair lift purchases. It’s important for us to help you choose the stair lift solution that is best for you!

Might a recycled stair lift be an optimal choice?

We also offer recycled, pre-owned stair lifts to provide more affordable options. Many stair lifts are only used for short periods of time. Therefore, they can be re-purposed in new homes, providing just as much reliable functionality and safety as brand new stair lifts. The Advantage Home Health Solutions team has many years of experience with stair lifts, both new and used. We know that age is seldom a factor.

Safety is always a top priority. All recycled stair lifts are thoroughly inspected and refurbished before they are offered to new customers. Even if a stair lift is in excellent condition, we never buy it back or sell it unless we have complete access to the original manufacturer’s technical support and parts department. We also provide a full 90-day warranty on all of the recycled stair lifts we sell.

How easy is it to install a stair lift?

Stair lifts require no home modifications to install. They are also compact and easy to fold in order to keep out of the way. After a stair lift is installed on your staircase, you will still offer easy access to others who need to use the stairs.

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, our qualified technicians would be happy to help make your home barrier-free by installing a stair lift system for you today. And, if you ever move to a new location, we can easily move your stair lift for you! Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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