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Is It Time To Get A Stairlift Installed In Your Home?

Does your elderly loved one use a mobility device to help him/her get around? If so, that might be the first sign you need a stairlift in your home. By installing a stair lift, you take away any worry you may have about your older adult slipping and falling down the stairs. Stair lifts provide safe passages to the various levels of your home. You may want to consider this option to ensure the safety of the senior you live with.

Is your elderly loved one prone to slipping and falling?

The reason why slips and falls are such major concerns is because they are the causes of the majority of hospitalizations of Canadian seniors. If your elderly loved one has taken a tumble in the past, you may want to consider an option that will guarantee no slips or falls on staircases – a location where such tumbles can have the most disastrous of results.

“As you age, you are more prone to tripping or falling over surfaces that could lead to a serious injury,” explains Essex, Maryland’s Preferred Elevator Company, “If you or a family member tend to trip or fall, even if it isn’t while using the stairs, you should think about installing a stairlift in your home. The last thing you want is for you or a loved one to fall down the stairs resulting in a possibly life-threatening injury.”

Does the senior in your home experience breathing difficulty? A stairlift could help.

You don’t have to be elderly in order to know what it’s like to have trouble breathing. Just ask any asthmatic or allergy sufferer and he/she will tell you that it’s extremely difficult to endure. For seniors who experience respiratory issues, it’s important for them to not exert any unnecessary energy. If walking up and down the stairs is the type of chore that causes heavy breathing for your elderly loved one, a stair lift installation may be in order.

“If you suffer from shortness of breath on a regular basis, you will likely struggle to climb stairs and should look at getting a stairlift,” contends The U.K.’s Stairlift Guru, “This will provide a simple and effective solution to your respiratory problems and will enable you to move freely in your home.”

Does your live-in older adult have trouble walking?

If walking is an issue for the senior in your home, then you better believe that walking up and down the stairs is an even bigger issue. Remember that even with a walker or cane, stair climbing can be a difficult task. Remove the fear associated with slipping and falling by installing a stair lift and ensuring the safe passage from one floor to the next for your elderly loved one.

“A major sign is if you need to depend on someone to walk with you up and down the stairs,” says the Preferred Elevator Company, “Also, if you heavily rely on the handrails and fear you will fall without them, it might be time to invest in a stairlift. Installing a stairlift in your home will increase your independence, so you will not have to rely on anyone to travel up and down your stairs.”

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