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How To Create A Safe Living Environment For Someone With Mobility Issues

Many individuals who live with mobility issues are used to receiving support from loved ones. Assistance from caregivers is often necessary for those who live with significant mobility issues. However, not everyone with a disability has a caregiver. Instead, he/she must modify his/her living environment in order to spend each and every day in a comfortable and safe situation. What should be done to create a safe living environment for someone with mobility issues?

Get a visual inspection.

This is vital for those with physical limitations when moving into new homes. In fact, even if your physically challenged family member is taking up residence in your basement apartment, it’s wise to get a professional to inspect it. Needless to say, ensuring a completely safe environment is a top necessity. According to Romana King on Zolo.ca, the most important rule for evaluating a location’s appropriateness for a person with a disability is the visual inspection.

“Visit the property and look around,” she advises, “Ask to see every room, every closet, ask about storage, about parking, about noise policies and pets.”

Seek a grant to modify your home.

In the province of Alberta, older adults may be eligible for the Seniors Home Adaptation and Repair Program (SHARP). It offers low interest home equity loans that can cover a wide range of home adaptations and renovations. This helps seniors to stay in their homes longer and maintain their independence. SHARP covers repairs, adaptations and/or renovations to their primary residences.

Albertans also have access to the Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP). It offers low income residents who have mobility challenges grants to help modify their homes. You may be eligible for a RAMP grant if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who has lived in Alberta for 90 continuous days; an Albertan of any age who uses a wheelchair or a senior (65+ years) who uses a 4-wheel walker on an ongoing basis or an Albertan living with a progressive neuro-degenerative disease.

Install a stair lift.

We would argue that there is simply no safer way for a person with mobility issues to get up and down the stairs than a stair lift. By installing one in your home, you eliminate the possibility of a dangerous tumble down the stairs. For those who are unsteady on their feet and/or require mobility solutions such as wheelchairs, walkers or canes to get around, a stair lift is an ideal safety solution for the home.

“Stair lifts come in a wide variety of styles, and can be installed as a permanent home modification, or can be an on-the-go solutions, such as a portable stair climber,” informs Kelly Mercer of North Carolina’s 101 Mobility, “Stair lifts turn multi-level homes or even front yard steps into accessible homes for those with limited mobility. Installing them will level out your home and create a safe, accessible space.”

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