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How To Assist Seniors Who Are Battling With Knee Problems

It is common knowledge that, as we age, we tend to experience some physical limitations. It’s just a part of life. If we do the best we can to stay fit, keep active, eat right and avoid injury at all costs, we’ll likely get through life with little to no major issues. Alas, these aren’t always things we can control. Knee injuries, for example, are common in people who are active. So what to do? Inactivity isn’t exactly a solution to staying healthy.

Does an elderly loved one of yours battle with knee problems? Here’s how you can help.

Assist with everyday tasks.

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to help your elderly loved one who has knee problems is to ensure he/she isn’t overexerting energy. In many cases, small everyday tasks won’t cause many issues. There are, however, some responsibilities you’ll want to take off his/her plate. Anything that may require walking long distances or lifting somewhat heavy loads should be taken off the table.

“Seniors with knee pain often have limited mobility, especially if they have recently undergone a knee replacement surgery,” explains RetireAtHome.com, “Caregivers can help seniors during their recovery by assisting with shopping and meal preparation, managing and administering medications, and helping seniors walk around the house or up and down stairs. A caregiver can be an integral part of a successful recovery from knee replacement surgery.”

Encourage them to exercise regularly.

We can’t imagine anyone asking an elderly person to do bench presses or dead lifts. Heavy weights are clearly not recommended for those with diminished strength. However, light exercise is a key ingredient to alleviating knee pain. Ideally, walking and stretching should be part of a senior’s everyday routine.

According to Anne Stein on SeniorCitizensGuide.com, Laura Olsen, a personal trainer and certified health-fitness specialist, explains that everyone has different interests and strengths when it comes to fitness. Therefore, no exercise should be “off-limits.” “That said, some stretches, training programs and cardio activities may be more helpful and less painful than others if you are concerned about your knees,” writes Stein.

Help them with strength training.

As mentioned, strenuous exercise isn’t recommended for seniors. However, that doesn’t mean that workouts should be effortless. To strengthen the knees, a little strength training is in order. The stronger the muscles in the legs are, the easier it will be to alleviate pain.

“Strong muscles help carry weight and relieve stress on the knee,” explains Stein, “When you do strength training, start with squats and straight leg extensions to help the quads stay strong and open up the joint.”

Install a stair lift in the home.

Stair lifts take away the need for seniors with knee problems to walk up and down the stairs. By providing a safe and comfortable ride up and down staircases, stair lifts reduce a lot of strain and stress. Stair lifts can be made to work with straight or curved staircases and can be adapted to suit your specific needs so you can continue your daily living routine and stay in your home longer.

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