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How Can Modern Technology Make Life Easier For Your Elderly Loved Ones?

If you live with an elderly loved one a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or close friend you’ve likely encountered your fair share of opposition to modern technology. In today’s digitally-obsessed, internet-crazed world, it can sometimes feel like there’s no room left for those of us who grew up with the radio as our chief source of home entertainment. Some of us are the type who went to the library to locate information from books instead of engaging in a Google search.

Times have certainly changed, haven’t they? As a result, it’s not uncommon for seniors to feel somewhat isolated. They’re not particularly familiar with today’s wildly popular advances in technology. And, quite honestly, not many of them are all that interested. However, it’s important to consider the fact that these advances can help for lines of communication to be kept open in much better ways.

How important is open communication in a senior’s life?

It’s huge! This is especially true for seniors who spend a great deal of time alone because the rest of their family members are out at work, school or enjoying leisure activities. Many seniors prefer to be at home. And because of their mobility issues, it’s hard to blame them. Quick access to the washroom, a comfortable place to rest when tired, a familiarity with one’s surroundings these are often chief reasons why some seniors never want to leave their homes.

This doesn’t mean, however, that seniors like being alone. For most, the complete opposite is true. They want for their family members and friends to be around. But for most of us, who are still in our formative years, the idea of staying at home around the clock isn’t all that appealing. Of course, we still love our elderly family members. And we want to make them as happy and as comfortable as possible.

This is where modern technology can really come in handy.

Instead of accepting an elderly loved one’s disdain for today’s advances, perhaps you should do your part to teach them a few things. On Forbes.com, Carolyn Rosenblatt suggests teaching your elderly loved ones to use modern technology so that it can help to beat their senses of loneliness.

“A computer with a camera is a bridge to anyone in the family,” she points out, “Even an aging parent who has never touched a computer before can learn if willing…If you’re not good at teaching, perhaps a kind grandchild will do the job or you can get grandma to attend a first timer’s computer class.”

Author, Preston Ni agrees. In his book How to Communicate Effectively with Seniors, he encourages people to get their older family members assimilated with the internet. “The internet and social networking are wonderful opportunities for older adults,” he writes in an excerpt on PsychologyToday.com, “More and more seniors are connecting with family and friends via technology. Family and friends, in turn, often find such connections convenient and less stressful.”

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