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4 Benefits That Stair Lifts Provide To Homeowners

Most of us look at staircases as parts of our homes that provide easy access to the various levels within them. However, for those who use wheelchairs or have mobility issues that make walking difficult, staircases are obstacles. At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we believe so strongly in restoring the independence of those who have mobility issues that we encourage such individuals to look as staircases as obstacles no more.

Stair lifts provide the ultimate solution to overcoming the obstacles that are staircases. They provide a wide variety of benefits to homeowners. Here are just four:

1. They help to restore the independence of individuals with mobility issues.

As you may have guessed, this is the most important benefit in the minds of the Advantage Home Health Solutions team. With a stair lift installed in your home, your wheelchair-using loved one can safely glide up and down the stairs without the help of a caregiver. Not only does this omit any difficulty with getting to various levels of the home, but it reinvigorates senses of pride and self-worth in those who feel depressed about no longer being able to walk up and down the stairs.

2. They enable individuals to age in place.

Most people would much prefer for their elderly loved ones to live with them instead of in assisted living facilities. Stair lifts help seniors to live more independently. Without requiring constant assistance from caregivers, older family members can live at home with their families. This is considered a much more desirable situation than having to be in a nursing home.

3. They don’t take up much space.

Stair lifts are not known for getting in the way. As part of our commitment to helping individuals with mobility issues restore their independence, our team makes sure to visit homes during the consultation process. It’s our duty to ensure that the stair lift installed in your home is 100% adequate for the living space. That way, you can be assured of having a safe, secure and convenient way of helping your loved ones get up and down the stairs.

4. They have a long list of safety features.

You may have noticed that we continually point out the safety aspect of our stair lifts. Naturally, safety comes first. We’re proud to note that our stair lifts have numerous safety features including speed governors (which ensure the stair lift doesn’t move too quickly), obstruction sensors (which stop the chair if obstacles are in the way), seat belts (which keep users secure from slipping and sliding), constant pressure controls (to give users control over the movements of the stair lift) and remote handsets (which allow users to call the stair lift to the other end of the stairs).

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we proudly offer both new and recycled stair lifts. Installing a recycled stair lift will cost you less money without sacrificing safety and reliability. For more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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