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Why Add A Power Lift Chair To Your Home?

Are you finding it harder and harder to get up from your couch each day? Is there an older adult in your home who needs assistance getting into a standing position? Do you find it difficult to maintain your balance from time to time? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to consider getting a power lift chair for your home.

Power lift chairs assist you in getting up or sitting down by raising or lowering with just the touch of a button. They also reduce back pain by allowing you to sit down more gently. Power lift chairs are also comfortable power recliners. Some home lift chairs recline all the way back to a sleep-ready position while other models offer additional recline positions to increase circulation and provide additional health benefits like heat and massage.

Power lift chairs offer much better relaxation.

Take away the stress of having to get in and out of your seat. As mentioned, the touch of a button is all that is necessary to get you down into a comfortable seating position and back up again into a confident standing position. Many power lift chair users love the newfound ease that comes with reading a book, watching television, knitting, talking on the phone or napping. This is because the reclined position of a power lift chair offers improved relaxation.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada stresses (pun intended, we suppose) the importance of rest for stress relief. “Relax in a comfortable chair,” they advise, “Even if you don’t actually fall asleep, you will be more relaxed. Reducing your anxiety about not sleeping will ultimately make it easier to sleep.”

Power lift chairs help you to breathe better.

Did you know that you open your lungs up when you are lying back? The reclined position of a power lift chair allows you to align your spine, improve your blood circulation and breathe easier. All of the above promotes better rest and overall well-being. This is especially important for individuals with respiratory issues. Sitting in a power lift chair is a great way to begin deep breathing exercises. promotes deep breathing as a technique for stress relief. “Exhale through your mouth, pushing out as much air as you can while contracting your abdominal muscles,” the website instructs, “The hand on your stomach should move in as you exhale, but your other hand should move very little.”

Power lift chairs add to your home décor.

Don’t assume that power lift chairs are one dimensional mobility solutions. They double as excellent additions to any home’s interior design. Power lift chairs are available in a wide variety of styles, fabrics and colours to match your existing décor. As well, power lift chairs are built with extremely durable and easy-to-clean fabric materials.

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we always ensure that you have the complete picture to make an informed decision. You’ll know all of the possible options so you can choose which solution is best for you. To learn more about the power lift chairs we offer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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