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Which Summer Activities Are Both Fun And Safe For Seniors?

Most often, when we think about caring for seniors, we worry about their safety. Of course, their safety and well-being is important. However, it’s also important to remember that their mental and emotional states need just as much attention. That’s why, while the summer is still here, it’s wise to get your elderly loved ones involved in some fun summer activities.

But which summer activities will be just as safe for seniors as they are fun?

Joining or starting a book club.

Many seniors enjoy reading. There’s no reason they can’t share their love of books with other like-minded individuals from your community. If there isn’t a local book club already set up, why not make the effort to begin one of your own? The social interaction can work wonders for your older parent’s overall happiness.

“If your community does not have a book club, invent one,” insists the Sage Minder blogger, “Ask your local churches for help in getting the word out or check with your local library; they may have an existing program. Then start by just sharing books that each of you have enjoyed.”

Growing your green thumb.

Gardening is a relaxing activity that helps to bring about a beautiful view in either your front or your backyard. If your elderly loved one likes planting flowers, trimming hedges or any other nature-based activity, starting up a new garden may be in order. As notes, flowers are their most colourful and vibrant during the summer.

“You can tend to your own garden, join a gardening club or participate in a program to beautify the local community by planting flowers, trees and shrubs,” the site suggests, “Before you head outside, just make sure you slather on the sunscreen, don a wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun and grab a pair of study gardening gloves.”

Enjoying a picnic in the park.

The summertime is the perfect time of year for outdoor eating. The smells of a barbeque are generally enjoyed by everybody. Why not get the entire family out to the park for a picnic? Of course, this is an activity the seniors in your family can enjoy as well. Ask them to help with meal preparation.

“Your grandchildren might enjoy this outing as well,” writes the Sage Minder blogger, “You can also just sit on a bench and enjoy the neighbourhood children having fun. Before my father-in-law passed, we would drive to the state park nearby and locate a picnic table close to the parking area. Then, we would just sit in the shade and enjoy the outdoors for a while. He so loved the fresh air!”

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we understand if walking to the park may be an intimidating task for the senior in your life. In addition to feeling some aches and pains, he/she may also be uncomfortable with walking too far for fear of falling. We highly recommend you contact us to discuss some of our high-quality mobility solutions that can help to remedy this problem.

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