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Which Fall Activities Are Both Fun And Safe For Seniors?

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog listing a number of summer activities that were both fun and safe for seniors. Of course, at the time, we were still excited about the fact that there was “plenty” of summer left to enjoy. With the last week of August now here, we have the unfortunate task of admitting that the summer is practically over. By this time next week, the kids will be in school, effectively bringing summer vacation to a close.

With the fall season fast approaching, there is still a lot the elderly loved one in your life can do to keep active. Let’s take a look at some fall activities that are both fun and safe for seniors, shall we?

Indoor tai chi.

As Canadians, we’re used to having chillier temperatures during the fall season. So, it should probably go without saying that many activities will need to take place indoors. Tai chi is a popular outdoor exercise among seniors during the warmer months of the year. There’s no reason to stop exercising once the fall is here. Take the tai chi practices indoors and continue to have your elderly loved one maintain his/her exercise routine.

“Tai chi involves slow movements performed while standing,” explains, “It’s one of the best exercises and fall activities for seniors, clinically proven to improve balance in addition to better sleep and sharper cognition.”

Grabbing some fresh air.

Yes, the autumn season is a cooler one. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your elderly loved one should stay cooped up in the house all day. In fact, the season presents quite the opposite opportunity. Many older people prefer cooler temperatures than the sweltering ones that are often felt during the summer. Go for walks and enjoy the fresh, cool air. Light exercise is always at the top of recommendation lists for seniors.

“Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy nature with your older adult,” states, “Bundle up and breathe the fresh air, admire the beautiful colors on display, and hear the crunch of fallen leaves as you walk.”

Engaging in some arts and crafts.

As important as it is to keep the bodies of seniors active through light exercise is keeping their minds active. Puzzles, crosswords and word searches are excellent ideas for seniors who wish to have a little fun while keeping their minds sharp. Engaging in arts and crafts is also a great way for seniors to both challenge themselves and enjoy their time.

“Craft some new fall décor,” suggests Shayne Fitz-Coy on, “Decorate your tabletop with seasonal pumpkins and gourds. Collect leaves and twigs to make a seasonal wreath to hang on your door or place on your table. Stop by your local craft store to pick up all the supplies you need.”

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