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Vacationing With Mobility Issues Is Not Impossible

Most of us love the summertime. It’s great time of year when the weather is much warmer and there are outdoor activities abound. For many Canadians, the start of summer (which is only two weeks away, by the way!) is a joyous time because it’s the season when most vacations are taken. If your family has a member with mobility issues, taking vacations can be a little tricky. Naturally, you have to accommodate for both the disability and the mobility solution of your loved one.

This may sound difficult, but with some proper planning, it can be no problem at all! Airlines, hotels and other travel destinations generally offer wheelchair accessibility. It simply takes a little research out of the gate on your behalf to ensure that you’re booking your vacation with the right airlines, hotels and tourist sites.

Always call ahead.

“Before booking a hotel, give them a call to confirm accessibility and ask any questions you may have,” advises Emma Muldoon on, “My main concern is always the bathroom and if there is a roll-in shower. Confirming they have a lift inside and an accessible hotel entrance are also important details.”

Bathroom safety cannot be underestimated.

We’ve committed many a blog to the topic of ensuring that the bathroom in your home is as injury-proof as possible. Practicing bathroom safety for those with mobility issues generally includes the use of non-slip mats and grab bars to prevent slips and falls. When on vacation, the same safety measures should be taken. Check with your hotels to see if their facilities can accommodate your family member with a disability.

It’s also important that you contact the airline before you get to the airport. Inform the airline of the mobility issue had by your family member so that they are prepared to adequately assist him/her upon arrival. On the Government of Canada website, travellers are advised to let screening officers at the security checkpoint know about any mobility, vision, hearing, speech, medical, or other needs.

“If you have a disability, condition or implant (like a pacemaker, insulin pump) that you would like to remain private and confidential, please ask the security officer to be discreet,” advises the site, “Private search rooms are available if a physical search is required.”

Expect an inspection.

The Government of Canada also mentions that screening officers will visually inspect wheelchairs and scooters and may perform explosive trace detection samples of the cushions. “These inspections can be conducted while you remain seated if you are unable to get out of your wheelchair or scooter,” they note.

Of course, it’s important to ensure that your wheelchair, scooter or other mobility solution is in good working order. At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we are proud to offer high-quality mobility solutions that include wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, rollators and other walking aids.

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