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The Art Of Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Happy And Healthy

We often visualize senior care as something that involves a caregiver assisting an elderly person with all of his/her daily needs. It’s important to remember, however, that many seniors are quite capable of performing tasks on their own. This is isn’t to say they don’t need any help. It is simply to offer a reminder that a senior’s independence is a huge part of what can keep him/her happy.

It’s important to engage your elderly loved one in activities that keep them happy and healthy. In this week’s blog, we’d like to share a few of our ideas with you.

Visit a museum.

A museum visit helps to cater to both the physical and emotional needs of an elderly person. Firstly, it requires some walking around – light exercise is highly recommended for seniors. Secondly, it will invigorate their minds. Museums, quite naturally, are places where much can be explored and much can be learned. Offering some mental stimulation is a great way to keep your elderly loved one upbeat.

“Museums aren’t only a great destination during inclement weather, but they also offer wonderful learning opportunities for seniors,” insists Chelsea Sayegh on, “ While many museums are free, others offer deals for older adults — including everything from free admission days to steep

Participate in some arts and crafts.

There are few things more creative than the act of getting your hands on some modelling clay or paint or construction paper – you get the point. Participating in arts and crafts is fun, but it’s also an effective way to get your elderly loved one’s creative juices flowing. On, Kelly Roper points out that arts and crafts are especially helpful for those with mobility issues.

“Whether it’s learning a new craft or continuing with a favourite hobby, most arts and crafts activities can be modified as needed so that seniors with certain physical limitations can still enjoy a favourite pastime,” she writes, “A very popular activity for the elderly is ceramics. Many ceramic projects only need light sanding and painting, resulting in a beautiful and rewarding finished piece.”

Play Bingo.

You’re not likely surprised to see Bingo on this list. It may be a cliché, but the truth is that Bingo is a game that is widely enjoyed by seniors. Of course, it helps to keep them on their toes mentally, by ensuring a constant recognition of letters and numbers. In addition, Bingo inspires social engagement between people in the same age bracket. You’re certainly never too old to foster a new relationship!

“Bingo is an interactive game most seniors enjoy nowadays,” explains, “It encourages social participation and mental exercise. In this game, a game master will draw numbers and players should form an identified pattern in their cards out of the numbers announced. There is no limit to the number of players for this game as long as there are enough bingo cards for all identified participants”

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