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The Art Of Bringing Joy To An Elderly Loved One’s Life

They say the best things in life are free. And while many review that euphemism as just that – a saying – it’s worth noting just how true it actually is. Most of us cherish opportunities to spend time with our loved ones. We place greater importance on such shared moments in our lives than on our material possessions, do we not? At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we would make the argument that this goes double for seniors.

Canadians of advanced ages, quite clearly, can’t participate in all of the activities their younger counterparts can. As a result, many families enjoy outings without Grandma and Grandpa. And while our elderly loved ones may often understand that they don’t have the strength, balance and mobility to be out on the town, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel isolated when they’re home alone.

For a senior, the best things in life are free.

The moments shared with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are what matter most to the majority of elderly individuals. On, Heather Mildenstein explains that the smallest, simplest little gestures are the kinds that matter most to the seniors in our lives. Whether they are family members or not, a little bit of your time and attention can truly go a long way.

“Simply talk to them,” Mildenstein insists, “Ask questions about where they are from, when they moved into the neighborhood, or ask about experiences growing up. Ask about their children. Just talking and showing interest not only shows that they’re not alone, but you’ll find out new things about your new friend as well.”

Experience the joy of walking down memory lane.

Peruse through some pictures. This activity is often an excellent way to help your elderly loved one recall his/her younger (and often happier) days. It will also give you an opportunity to learn things about your elderly loved one’s past things you may never have known so that you can develop an even deeper relationship. According to Carol Bradley Bursack on, looking at old photos is an especially good way to brighten the days of older individuals who have experienced memory loss.

“The more severe the memory issues, the older the pictures should be,” she writes, “This is an activity that can backfire if the pictures are more recent than the retained memories, because frustration could be the end result. However, most people I hear from say that old picture albums from an elder’s young adult years, or even their childhood if some are available, can foster a sense of belonging and even joy. They also offer you and your elder something to visit about.”

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we’re pretty big on helping the elderly. Our mobility devices and home accessibility options are designed to help seniors regain their independence something we’ve learned makes them very happy! If you live with an elderly loved one who could use some help with his/her mobility issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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