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Summer Is Senior Season!

Oh, glorious, beautiful summer! How we’ve missed you! If these aren’t words that completely capture your current mood, we’re willing to bet that you’re unlike the majority of Canadians. With the summer season now officially in full swing, there are people all over Canada excitedly preparing to soak up the sun for the next few months. And it all starts with the upcoming Canada Day long weekend!

Allow the team, here at Advantage Home Health Solutions, to first wish you all a very Happy Canada Day! Secondly, we’d like to remind you to not forget about your elderly loved ones when planning your summertime festivities. Many seniors contend with mobility issues that may not allow them to participate in each and every one of your outdoor excursions – but fun in the sun is definitely something that older adults need!

Be a tourist in your own city.

Far too many seniors spend too much of their time cooped up indoors. The wonderful Canadian summertime is not the time of year for this to be the case. When possible, get out and about with your elderly loved one and help him/her to get better acquainted with his/her own community. On, Lori Johnston encourages seniors to take an open-air bus or trolley tour to see the local sights.

“Another option could be a boat tour, depending on what type of equipment an elder needs to take with them,” she suggests, “A Sunday drive around town can also allow a senior to check out happenings in the community that interest them. This could be new construction, blooming flowers and trees, or even festivals and community events.”

Get that garden going.

Obviously, summer is the perfect time of year to tend to a garden. Gardening happens to be one of the top-rated activities for older adults who wish to get nice combinations of light physical activity and sunshine. Buy some seeds and encourage the senior in your life to start planting!

“If you don’t have a garden, or don’t have room to create a new one, many neighbourhoods have community gardens,” mentions Nurse Next Door Home Care Services, “Getting a plot to grow flowers and veggies could make for a nice, ongoing outdoor pastime.”

Go for a swim.

Swimming is a fantastic exercise for people of all ages. Of course, older adults aren’t required to do any laps. A simple dip in an outdoor pool is a wonderful way to enjoy the sun while staying cool. Regardless of the amount of energy exerted, going for a swim offers seniors an enjoyable summer-season activity.

“For some folks, this might entail putting a foot in the pool, while others may be able to handle low-impact water aerobics,” says Johnston, “If a senior is willing and able, spending some time in the pool is an excellent way for them to incorporate some physical activity into their routine that seems more like relaxing than a workout.”

No matter the summer-based activities you choose to enjoy with your elderly loved one, be sure to keep him/her safe and comfortable. For information about the mobility solutions offered by Advantage Home Health Solutions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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