Mobility Scooter Quiz – Determine Your Best Model Choice

There are lots of choices when it comes to mobility scooters for seniors. Take the mobility scooter quiz to find out which might be the best choice for you.

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Why did we develop the Mobility Scooter Quiz?

Our goal is to provide you all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision. Purchasing a mobility scooter is a big investment and we want to make sure you are able to choose the right one that will meet your lifestyle needs and keep you safe. Whether you’re looking for a mobility scooter with long mileage between charges or something that can handle rough terrain, we’ve got plenty of models to choose from. You might need a special mobility scooter that can disassemble so you can get it into the trunk of your car or maybe a seat with good back support is important to you. Whatever your needs, we’re confident we have a mobility scooter model to suit your needs; in fact we may have so many that it’s difficult to know exactly which one you should choose.


Which is the best mobility scooter?

The one that gets you where you’re going and does everything you need it to. That’s a bit of a loaded question, so in turn, we’ve got a few questions to ask you first so we can help you determine which mobility scooter is the best for you and your needs. Take the quiz and we’ll narrow it down to a few suitable models that we can talk about when you’re ready.

There are many mobility scooters to choose from. If you need help deciding which models might best suit your lifestyle and needs, take our 2 minute Mobility Scooters Quiz and we’ll help you to narrow it down to a few suitable options.

Take the quiz to find the most suitable mobility scooters for your lifestyle needs.
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What type of travel will the mobility scooter be primarily used for?
  • AHHS Quiz Flight
  • AHHS Quiz FlightAndCruise
  • AHHS Quiz LocalTravel
How far does it need to go between battery charges?
  • AHHS Quiz LowMiles
  • AHHS Quiz MedMiles
  • AHHS Quiz HighMiles
Will the mobility scooter be mostly used:
  • AHHS Quiz IndoorUse
  • AHHS Quiz OutdoorUse
  • AHHS Quiz MixInOutUse

Almost done!

What type of area is available for storing the mobility scooter when it is parked or charging?
  • AHHS Quiz StoreGarage
  • AHHS Quiz StoreOutside
  • AHHS Quiz StoreHouse
  • AHHS Quiz StoreCondo
Will you need the ability to transport the mobility scooter?
  • AHHS Quiz TransportYes 1
  • AHHS Quiz TransportNo
What weight capacity is required by the user?
  • AHHS Quiz Weigh250
  • AHHS Quiz Weigh300
  • AHHS Quiz Weigh301To325
  • AHHS Quiz Weigh326To400
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