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How To Cheer Up The Beloved Seniors In Your Life

Do you live with an elderly loved one? Is your aging parent or grandparent finding the pandemic particularly hard to deal with? Needless to say, COVID-19 has been rough on us all. But as we enter our second year of the pandemic, this month, it’s wise to check in on the seniors in our lives.

Are their feelings of loneliness and depression worsening by the day? Do you notice that your elderly loved ones remain in bad moods for longer periods than normal? If so, it’s definitely time to come up with some new and inventive ways to cheer them up!

Take trips down memory lane.

Discussing “the old days” can bring joy to an older person who may often feel he/she is unseen in today’s world. It’s especially pleasing to older adults to take trips down memory lane when such trips are accompanied (and assisted) by photos. Grab an old photo album, sit down with your elderly loved one and begin to ask questions about his/her childhood. You’ll likely both learn more than you expect and help your beloved senior to enjoy some wonderful, heart-warming memories.

“Photo albums alone can bring smiles to many elders – even elders with severe memory issues,” writes Carol Bradley Bursack on, “The more severe the memory issues, the older the pictures should be. Old pictures from an elder’s young adult years, or even their childhood if some are available, can foster a sense of belonging and even joy.”

Support their independence.

The loss of one’s independence is a usually a major cause of depression. Among members of our older generations, this is especially true. Does your elderly loved one battle with a mobility issue? Does he/she require assistance with everyday tasks the rest of us take for granted? If so, feelings of depression are sure to have taken hold. Find ways to boost your elderly loved one’s confidence by supporting his/her independence.

“If a blow to self-confidence has taken a toll because illness or accident has stripped your aging loved one of their ability to tend to daily living tasks on their own, you may want to look into assistive devices and tools,” suggests, “For example, easy-grip equipment for meals can simplify dining for a senior who experiences tremors, limited dexterity, or hand weakness due to conditions like arthritis.”

Host a dance party.

Who says older adults can’t enjoy a good party? Of course, we’re not talking about taking your elderly loved one to a nightclub. We’re referring to the importance of light exercise (for better physical health) and the enjoyment of a family-oriented activity (excellent for one’s mental health).  

“The combination of light physical touch, upbeat music and a smiling caregiver can work magic,” says Bursack, “I’m not suggesting that this approach is possible in all cases, but keeping the idea in mind could translate into your own version of fun. Uplifting music from an era the elder enjoys, along with good companionship, can often bring a grumpy loved one out of the blues.”

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we proudly offer a wide variety of mobility solutions that can help cheer up the beloved seniors in your life. To learn more about them, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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