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How To Brighten An Elderly Person’s Day

Too often, we unintentionally forget one of the top commands given to us by our parents when we were youngsters: respect your elders. Simple things like holding a door open or even greeting an elderly stranger with a “Good morning” can make a big difference in an older person’s life. Here’s a friendly reminder that we should all put in some efforts in treating elderly people with kindness. Doing so can work wonders in brightening their days.

Offer a pleasant greeting.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to say “hello”. While it’s understandable to stick to the “don’t talk to strangers” rule, you can probably rest assure that kindly greeting an elderly person won’t produce a negative outcome. On, Kristi Finerock explains how she encourages her children to say “Hi” and smile at older adults and even offer a hug if they feel comfortable enough to do so.

“For the most part, the elderly love holding kids’ hands, receiving hugs, and giving gentle high fives,” she informs, “I noticed some of my children were more comfortable doing this than others. We encouraged each to interact as they felt comfortable and over time noticed their comfort level increase. We never tried to force any interaction because initially they are encountering people they don’t know and we want everyone to feel comfortable.”

Drop in for a visit.

There are few things seniors enjoy more than visits from their loved ones. After all, loneliness is a common part of an older person’s life. Do your best to minimize your elderly loved one’s loneliness by visiting as frequently as you are able to. Even if your visits are short-lived, they will be much appreciated. This is especially true for seniors living in retirement facilities.

“Simply taking the time out of your schedule to visit the elder will brighten their day,” says Home Care Matters, “Seniors who live by themselves often end up feeling isolated due to a lack of socialization. A caregiver can help by spending time with them during the day, but the elder would also appreciate visits from other family members. If possible, schedule a time each day or week to stop by. This will give your loved one something to look forward to.”

Play the smile game.

According to Finerock, this is an activity for her children, and it brightens the days of the elderly people they meet. It’s as simple as smiling at all the elderly people they see. The challenge, we imagine, is to make as many elderly people smile as possible. We don’t see why this “game” can’t be played by adults as well. It can go a long way in brightening an older person’s day.

“Everything is more fun for kids when a game is involved,” Finerock insists, “The smile game is simple. Make eye contact and smile with as many people as possible. Count how many people smiled back.”

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