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How Scooters Help Seniors Return To Comfortable Lifestyles

It is not uncommon for elderly individuals to experience decreases in strength and balance. As a result, it’s quite common to see seniors take advantage of mobility devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, rollators and scooters. For many, scooters are particularly favoured thanks to the additional advantages they provide over the other aforementioned mobility solutions.

The main advantage of scooters is their ability to travel long distances.

For individuals who have hard times walking long distances, scooters are ideal. Essentially, they serve as miniaturized cars that can transport their users to locations that are further than what normally be considered walking distance. Walkers and wheelchairs are generally designed to help individuals with mobility issues get to and from closer points A and B.

“One of the biggest advantages to mobility scooters is its ability to transport riders to fulfill chores like a grocery store run or to the laundromat,” explains, “A mobility scooter comes in a variety of options, but most can travel up to 25 miles with a single battery charge. While home care workers can assist a senior who has difficulty walking on their own, the addition of a scooter allows a senior to control their movement on their own, and travel quicker.”

Scooters are known for their comfort.

Naturally, when you are travelling a fair distance, it’s important to be comfortable. This is especially true for seniors who experience issues with bodily aches brought on by various age-related ailments. Of course, we’re all made up of different shapes and sizes, so it’s wise to research different models if you’re looking to purchase a scooter for either yourself or an elderly loved one.

“Mobile scooters are typically designed for comfort, but people come in various shapes-and-sizes,” explains, “There are different style seats for all preferences. One of the considerations to keep in mind is the leg room. Remember that every person has their own way of sitting and one should try out a few models before deciding on a model that offers enough leg room, comfortable seating and back support.”

What factors need to be considered when buying a scooter?

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we believe that there are three all-important factors: the fit, where you’ll use your scooter the most and ease of operation.

As mentioned earlier, we’re all made up of different shapes and sizes. The height of the scooter and its seat should be ideal for its user. When sitting on the scooter, a user should have his/her knees bent at 90 degrees to prevent bad posture that can lead to stiffness, soreness and chronic pain.

There are several different types of scooters to choose from. Selecting the right one depends on where the scooter will be most often used. Three-wheel scooters, for example, are the best options for trips that include tight turns. Four-wheel scooters, however, usually have better stability and can handle rugged terrains and steeper inclines. If you have to do a lot of travelling, a portable scooter that you can conveniently pack up would probably be best for you.

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