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5 Conditions That Make A Scooter The Perfect Mobility Solution

Mobility issues affect everyone differently. And, of course, not all mobility issues are created equally. In some cases, they are debilitating. The use of a wheelchairs and the constant presence of caregivers are integral to particular individuals who have recently endured strokes, for example. Naturally, the process of aging will also be reason enough for many of us to seek out mobility solutions in our later years.

In many cases, seniors still have mobility. However, their advanced ages make them a little less stable on their feet. As a result, they can still walk, but travelling long distances proves to be quite difficult. In such scenarios, scooters are often relied upon. Scooters are great because they can help for those with mobility issues to travel longer distances comfortably. As well, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

But what are the conditions that make a scooter the perfect mobility solution? Here are five:

1. Strong vision, hearing and cognitive abilities.

An ideal scooter user is someone who can travel to and from his/her home without the help of a caregiver. This means that he/she can see and hear normally. This keeps a user safe from potential obstacles and capable of adhering to traffic signals. As well, having one’s memory fully intact is key. A scooter user should be able to travel to and from his home without any confusion. The bottom line, of course, is that safety is a priority.

2. Physical strength to get on and off the scooter.

As mentioned, scooters are meant to help those with difficulty walking long distances. A scooter user should still be able to walk a few steps without any major issues. This sense of strength is important as the ability to safely get on and off the scooter is essential. That way, in the event that the scooter is unable to travel passed an obstruction of some kind, the user can still reach his/her destination – such as a particular display in a grocery store.

3. A living area with ample sidewalks or bicycle lanes.

It should go without saying that a scooter is not a car. While it is a motorized vehicle, it is certainly not meant for the roads. To optimize safety, a scooter should only be driven on sidewalks, bicycle lanes and other paths where traffic isn’t an issue. That way, users can be assured that they won’t interfere with traffic or be in any danger of harm due to larger motorized vehicles.

4. A secure storage facility.

It’s certainly ideal for scooter users to have garages or underground parking areas to store their scooters when they’re not in use. It’s especially important for such locations to be equipped with electrical sockets so that the scooters can be plugged in for charging. As well, keeping scooters safe from weather conditions and potential vandalism or theft is certainly important in prolonging their usefulness.

5. Decreased physical abilities.

To reiterate, scooters help those with limited mobility. This doesn’t mean that our elderly loved ones are the only people that scooters are ideal for. In many cases, physical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, severe arthritis, respiratory issues and even obesity are reasons why individuals require the aid of scooters to get around.

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