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3 Keys To Keeping Yourself Upright At Home

When you think about it, there is truly no limit to the number of safety tips that can be provided to those who live with seniors. As we’ve pointed out in numerous blogs before, slips and falls are the leading source of hospitalizations for older adults in Canada. It’s imperative that homes where seniors live are safeguarded in ways that will help to prevent slips and falls.

Of course, anyone can slip and fall. So the safety measures we offer in our blogs should be practiced by people of all ages. In today’s blog, we’d like to revisit this all-important topic by providing you with three keys to keeping yourself upright at home.

1. Clear the clutter.

How many of us are guilty of having loose wiring in our living rooms and family rooms? For many Canadians, game consoles and controllers, lamps, old stereos and other electronic equipment that needs to be plugged into the wall fills our living spaces. Be sure to tuck those wires away in addition to removing other clutter from the ground. Clothing, shoes and especially those throw rugs – get them off your floors!

“Keep those high traffic areas free from obstacles by removing or securing loose electrical cords, unnecessary small furniture and general clutter,” insists Katherine Nazimek on, “Get rid of any loose rugs or scatter mats, which are common tripping hazards. If you think your rug with that non-slip backing is safe, think again! Even though they may not slip or slide on the floor, you can still trip over the edges. At the very least, secure your rugs to the floor with double-sided tape.”

2. Only wear slippers with strong traction.

There are many Canadians who are self-professed “slipper people”. They just hate the idea of having their bare feet touch the floor. As a result, they invest in house shoes, slippers or even flip-flops in order to walk around the house comfortably. The only problem is that not all slippers have good tread on their soles. To ensure your safety, avoid using home-based footwear that has slick bottoms.

“Think twice before putting on those fuzzy slippers,” advises Handicare, “They may be cute and comfy, but without proper traction, slippers are nothing more than cute, fuzzy menaces. Make sure your slippers or shoes have enough traction for you to get around safely.”

3. Utilize walking aids.

“Don’t rely on your walls and furniture for support,” instructs Nazimek, “Instead, use walking aids like a cane or walker, or install grab-bars if you need additional support. Unlike the furniture and walls, walking aids will help you get the grip you need to support your body.”

This tip couldn’t be more important for the elderly loved ones in your home. No one expects them to be heroes. If they need help, they should get it! Walkers, wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility solutions are excellent ways to ensure that slips and falls don’t injure your aging parents.

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