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Why Working With A Family-Owned Business Is The Way To Go

On behalf of the Advantage Home Health Solutions family, we would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe new year. Especially because we are a family-owned business, we care deeply about the families who entrust us to help them with our mobility solutions. Not only do we insist upon providing top-quality products, we ensure that we remain available to provide any assistance necessary down the road.

Due to our family-first thinking, our warranty is such that if anything goes wrong with a product in the first year, we will come and do the repairs at no charge. In addition to our warranty service, we promise that if we are alerted to an emergency issue through a message left for us after hours, we will still get the problem fixed. This policy differentiates us from our competitors. The way we see it, working with a family-owned business is the truly the way to go.

We offer compassion.

Family members understand each other. They know the inner workings of each member’s personality. As a result, they are able to assign tasks that are appropriate for each member of the team. They also are able to confide in each other about issues that may require the support of a loved one. As such, family-owned businesses are known for showing compassion to their customers as well.

“Working in a family-run firm requires a lot of flexibility,” affirms the U.K.’s Vistage International, “While non-family businesses tend to have very clearly delineated responsibilities for every role, family members will sometimes be required to wear several different hats, taking on tasks outside of their formal remit where needed.”

We show stability.

While all families have their own issues, from time to time, family units don’t tend to split apart. Employees aren’t usually just members of a team. They are often part of a unified collective that spends holidays and other special occasions together. The family atmosphere helps for the business to maintain a stability that many other businesses can’t boast. As Pennsylvania-based manufacturer, PennFab, Inc. notes, family-owned business also benefit from having long-lasting leadership.

“They learn from each generation and apply the same values from when they first started with current business strategies to bring balance to the working experience,” says their website, “Additional opportunities for business development and growth exist because people that have worked with the business know who they are dealing with and what kind of work to expect daily.”

We demonstrate unity.

In many cases, family members contribute to the overall costs of running a business. Their deep-seeded care about the brand makes them more than just employees. Members are generally invested in the long-term success of the company. As Vistage International contends, family-owned businesses generally survive economic downturns. This is thanks to their members pitching in to keep the companies afloat.

“It may be that this involves taking a temporary pay cut, contributing some of their own finances, or pausing the payment of dividends while the company gets back on its feet,” reports their site, “For the family behind the business, long-term business success is crucial to their financial survival, which gives more flexibility where finances are concerned.”

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we always ensure that you have the complete picture to make an informed decision. You will know all of the possible options so you can choose which mobility solution is best for you. To learn more about the many mobility solutions offered by our family-owned business, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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