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Why Scooters Are Great Solutions For Increasing Your Independence

There are many different electric mobility scooters available. They help people with mobility issues to regain their independence. Travel mobility scooters are personal mobility scooters designed mainly for use indoors, but can be used outside on smooth, hard surfaces. Mid-size electric mobility scooters are designed for use inside and outside. Outdoor mobility scooters are excellent for use outside, even over rough terrain.

But what makes scooters such great solutions for increasing your independence?

They give you access to anywhere you want to go.

Individuals with mobility issues often suffer stress that is induced by being stuck inside the house. No one likes to feel trapped. And that is often the feeling associated with an inability to walk independently. A mobility scooter gives you the ability to leave the home and gain access to the various locations of your neighbourhood. With this solution, you can do away with the isolation brought on by your mobility issue and live the life you want!

“Modern mobility scooters fit in brilliantly with the ever-changing ways in which people socialize,” says the U.K.’s Ucan2 Magazine, “With shopping centres and public spaces constantly improving accessibility, it is becoming much, much easier for mobility scooter users to access these sorts of places. Another benefit is that portable mobility scooters can usually be taken on public transport.”

They are easy to operate.

If you have any concerns that a scooter may be hard to drive and manoeuvre, worry not! Mobility scooters are surprisingly easy to operate. Your main focus should be on the areas where you will most often be using this mobility solution. Do you plan on using it inside and outside? Do you need to travel over rough terrain? Are there many corners for you to turn?

“Consider your surroundings and the primary use for the mobility-scooter,” advises Australia’s Bluesky Healthcare, “This will ensure that you pick a piece of equipment that is suitable for your needs. Take into consideration the condition of footpaths and roads in your local area, hills and battery range. Try and pick a machine which as an easily adjustable speed control as this will allow you to use it in more diverse environments.”

They eliminate the risk of falling.

For most individuals with mobility issues, it can be tough to work up the courage to discover the world. The prospect of falling and getting injured keeps many such individuals inactive. With an electric mobility scooter, the risk of falling is practically eliminated. As Ucan2 Magazine affirms, a mobility scooter significantly decreases the chances of fall-related injuries.

“Whether you’re older or just don’t have the physical strength, falls that cause injury become a real risk,” notes their website, “There are several other reasons to why you or a loved one may need a mobility scooter, such as recovering from surgery. Owning a mobility scooter limits the physical exertion needed to move around. This freedom can allow for a much more comfortable healing process.”

At Advantage Home Health Solutions, we stock a wide variety of electric mobility scooters. Medical scooters are perfect solutions for excursions to the park, getting groceries or visiting friends and family. We have 4-wheel scooters and 3-wheel electric mobility scooter models available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-460-5438. You may also email us by filling out the form on our Contact page!

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