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Wheelchair Safety Is A Worldwide Concern

No matter where you live in the world, you share commonalities with every other human on Earth. Take, for instance, aging. As we get older, we all experience issues with diminishing strength and balance. Therefore, wheelchair use is certainly not something exclusive to any one nation.

Do you require a wheelchair for mobility? Naturally, it’s important to keep it in excellent condition in order to maximize your safety.

Charge your batteries.

The proper performance of your electric wheelchair depends on the strength of its battery. Your best bet is to charge it after each use. Keep your battery charger in a highly visible spot as a reminder to prolong the life of your wheelchair’s battery. Remember that the charger is designed to maximize your electric wheelchair’s performance by safely and quickly charging its batteries. Don’t neglect it!

“If your wheelchair is a power wheelchair, it will need regular charging,” reminds Australia’s Patient Handling, “The batteries charge time can reduce if left unused for longer periods of time, so consider regularly charging to avoid that. Another tip is, try not to let the batteries die entirely before recharging them and keep your batteries at room temperature.”

Inspect the tires and inner tubes.

Do you hear any squeaking coming the tires of your wheelchair? If so, you should take a soft brush and remove any dust or debris that may be causing the wheelchair to squeak. In some cases, you may need to partially disassemble the wheels from the wheelchair to clean them properly. As well, according to Germany’s Sunrise Medical, it is essential for the mobility and maintenance of the wheelchair that the tires and inner tubes are in good condition.

“The correct tire pressure is also important in order to ensure the best possible performance,” reports their website, “If the pressure is too low, it will require greater effort to propel the chair as it will not roll or manoeuvre as freely; if the pressure is too high it could cause the tyres to burst or to wear down unevenly.”

Tighten all loose screws.

Regular use of just about any device will cause wear and tear. Wheelchairs experience a little bit more than your average wear and tear since they are used for travel. Especially when used over bumpy terrain, it is possible to jar some screws and bolts loose. Be sure to inspect your wheelchair for any loose screws and bolts and tighten them up. This will help to maintain the proper function of your wheelchair.

“Check the screws and bolts on your chair and tighten any loose ones,” agrees Singapore’s DNR Wheels, “Look for screws on the seat back and bolts on the seat, hand rim, x-brace, footrests, front axles, rear axles, brakes, front caster, and pivot (turning point). Please note that the front caster pivot bolt should be tight but not too tight, otherwise the chair will be hard to steer.”

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