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What Are The Different Types Of Orthopedic Braces?

Orthopedic braces are used to immobilize joints. They help the joints to properly heal in effective positions. By using an orthopedic brace, you give your muscles, tendons and ligaments the necessary amount of blood flow. You also avoid movements that may aggravate or worsen your existing injuries. For many people, orthopedic braces assist with the recovery stages following surgeries.

Of course, not every orthopedic brace can be used for the same purpose. Naturally, a person’s injury or area of physical discomfort will determine which type of brace is necessary. So what are the different types of orthopedic braces?

Back braces.

If you need your lumbar vertebrae protected, a back brace is for you. Especially if you’ve endured some form of back injury, a back brace is an important way to relieve undue stress on your spine, tail bone, abdominal muscles and hips. By using a back brace, your back can be kept properly aligned no matter the physical action you take. Back braces are especially helpful while lifting heavy objects.

If you’re moving furniture, bringing in the groceries or even pumping some iron, wearing a back brace is a wise choice. This is especially true if you’ve endured a recent injury and are undergoing physical therapy.

Ankle braces.

For individuals experiencing pain their ankles, these braces are very helpful. They work to help their users avoid sprains of inversion and aversion. However, ankle braces still allow for feet to move for regular actions. Walking and even running can be done with ease while wearing ankle braces.

Top quality ankle braces are washable. They can be used each and every day to help people comfortably facilitate movement. Ankle braces are especially valuable to those who are recovering from significant ankle injuries that would otherwise require more limiting support.

Knee braces.

Arguably, these are the most popular of all braces. It’s not uncommon for people to sustain knee injuries. It’s also not uncommon for people to experience arthritis in their knees as they age. Keep in mind that your knees are very delicate, yet important parts of the body. They are relied upon to support large amounts of weight as you move around, run and carry heavy objects.

Your ankles and your hips can move in opposite directions. Your knees have to compensate for this. As well, knee braces are excellent ways to aid with the healing process following knee injuries. Again, knee injuries are fairly common. Athletes, for example, put a lot of wear and tear on their knees. For them, knee braces, known as prophylactics, can prevent improper knee movements and prevent further injuries from occurring.

Which orthopedic brace best suits your needs?

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