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What Are The Best Activities For Seniors To Enjoy This Fall?

With the fall season officially beginning on Tuesday, September 22nd, it’s time for Canadians to face a harsh reality. It’s about to get cold! Of course, the closing of summer doesn’t just signify the end of hot and sunny days. It offers up opportunities to partake in new array of fun activities. Many of them are fun and safe for seniors. If you live with an elderly loved one, now is the time to consider the new activities that will keep them entertained all autumn long.

Bake some sweet fall treats.

Pumpkin pie anyone? Between Thanksgiving and Halloween, autumn is arguably the season of sweet treats. Why not start up some baking activities with the elderly loved one in your life? As The Senior Care Network points out, fall is the perfect time to break out some canned pumpkin, pie crusts and plenty of cinnamon.

“But you don’t just have to stick to the typical pumpkin pie or apple pie,” reminds their website, “Try making some tasty fall-inspired breakfast options, such as pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, or cinnamon rolls. Your fall baking recipes are basically endless, allowing you both a chance to get together and celebrate this season in the yummiest way.”

Make Halloween a scream!

Who says Halloween is only for the kids? Seniors can get in on the fun just as much as the little ones. Especially since COVID-19 may prevent a lot of trick or treaters from going door to door next month, you may want to begin your plans for a stay-at-home Halloween party. How can your elderly loved one participate?

“Plan a family ghost story night,” suggests Wanda Moen of The Arbor Company, “Turn down the lights and ask each member to share their creepiest, scariest tales. Here are a few to get you started…Bundle up for a family scary movie night. Break out the apple cider, make some caramel apples, and enjoy being delightfully scared together.”

Get to work on fall-based arts and crafts.

Keeping your elderly loved one creative is a great way to enjoy the fall season. Naturally, autumn offers up plenty of opportunities to create imaginative artwork. Pick up some orange and brown leaves off the ground and get going on a new arts and crafts piece! As The Senior Care Network notes, working on fall crafts is something you can do together with your elderly relative.

“A popular craft for the fall is an autumn wreath that features everything from fall leaves and tiny pumpkins to pine cones and small ears of corn,” says their website, “Granted, not everyone is crafty or wants to get super creative. But it’s still possible to be artistic for matter your skill level. You can simply print out fall-themed coloring pages, since adult coloring is known for being relaxing for people of any age.”

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