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Walk-In Tubs Provide A Safer Way For Seniors To Bathe

Caregivers of seniors face many challenges. Understandably, it’s certainly not the easiest job in the world to look after the needs of a senior citizen. This is especially true when the senior citizen doesn’t welcome the assistance. When it comes to bathing, friction between caregivers and care recipients can often ensue. And this is because many seniors refuse to bathe.

On, Roxanne writes that there are many reasons for seniors to oppose their bathing requirements. Among them are depression, diminished senses (making them unaware of body odours), memory loss as well as a loss of autonomy and control.

“People of advanced age rarely have much control over their own lives, especially if they live in a nursing home,” she writes, “Taking control over bathing and dressing habits may be a sort of rebellion against this loss of will. In these situations, the more seniors are pestered to bathe and change clothes by their caregivers, the more resistant they may become.”

Many seniors fear the dangers associated with bathing.

Another common factor in a senior’s refusal to bathe is the perceived danger of climbing in and out of the bathtub. Naturally, an elderly individual who has mobility issues may find it difficult to raise his/her legs over the side of a bathtub. As well, diminished strength and balance can raise fears of slipping and falling during a shower. It’s no secret that slips and falls often occur in the bathroom. And, for seniors, they can have disastrous results.

“The consequences of falls later in life can be serious, resulting in hospitalizations, reduced quality of life, chronic pain, injuries such as hip fractures, and increased risk of death,” informs Statistics Canada.

Walk-in tubs virtually eliminate the potential for slipping and falling.

As Bryan Stapp points out on, standard tubs and shower units can be uncomfortably high for both elderly individuals and those with disabilities. As well, many tubs are too low for sitting down and bathing.

“Installing a walk-in bathtub or shower system with a built-in seat brings back a measure of independence in self-care,” he writes, “Many walk-in tubs are designed to fit perfectly in the space of a conventional tub for easy installation and are now available with luxurious special features.”

Walk-in tubs are ideal for individuals with mobility issues.

On, Jake Holman highlights the fact that individuals with mobility issues have much safer bathing experiences with walk-in tubs. This is because they have low step entry thresholds of a just a few inches, making it very easy to get in and get out of the tubs. Those who use mobility devices will especially find walk-in tubs to be safe and convenient solutions for their bathing needs.

“Some bathers use walkers, scooters or wheelchairs in their homes so having a safety walk in tub can be an excellent way to keep the task of bathing as simple and as enjoyable as possible,” says Holman, “Others simply have trouble climbing over the high edge of conventional tubs and are worried about falling.”

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